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Brown disc harrow, brush shredder and other Mfg equipment



Suppliers of Brown disc harrow, shredders, rotary cutters, disc harrows & tree cutters

Brown Manufacturing was founded in 1944 by Paul and Sara Brown. Their first product was a mule drawn log skidding device which was well received by all the portable sawmill owners throughout the southeast United States. In 1948 they began a transition from the logging industry to the farm machine industry, as mechanization was rapidly moving to the farm.


Brown Mfg. Corp. was instrumental in mechanizing the digging and harvesting of peanuts. Brown Mfg Corp. built the first tractor hitch mounted peanut digger, which allowed the peanut combine to be pulled through the field, eliminating the need to haul peanuts to the stationary peanut combine. Brown Mfg. Corp. has also built numerous other types of farm equipment throughout the years, including rotary cutters, tilt-bed trailers, disc harrows, post hole diggers, portable elevators, row crop cultivators, rolling cultivators, in-row sub-soiling no till planters and a high residue cultivator to name a few.

Ag-Pro Companies is proud to represent Brown Mfg. products. The Brown Disc Harrow and Brown's Brush Shredder are only a few of the many great products Brown manufactures. Ag-Pro Companies and Brown make a great team. Check out the links below.

The Brown BDH Series Disc Harrow Brown Mfg Brush Shredders Brown Rotary Cutters
The Brown BDH Series Disc Harrow Brush Shredders Brown Rotary Cutters
Brown Offset Harrow Brown Tree Cutter Brown Sport Turf Aerators
Offset Harrow Brown Tree Cutter Sport Turf Aerators
Brown Aerators    
Brown Aerators    


Video of Brown Tree Cutter Visit Brown Manufacturing Official Site

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