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Kohler Engines


Ag-Pro Companies has been a Kohler dealer for many years. Formerly known as Southeast Service & Supply, we have been selling and servicing engines since 1954. Kohler engines and Kohler Outdoor Equipment Engines are part of that solution to help our customers with their engine needs. The beginnings of KOHLER engines can be traced back to 1920, when the KOHLER Automatic Power and Light 1500-watt Model "A" generator set was introduced. Designed to serve rural markets, it delivered 110-volt DC current and was powered by a KOHLER four-cylinder water-cooled cast iron gasoline engine.

In 2008, Kohler Engines announced its product offering would expand to include gasoline and diesel engines from 4 to 65 horsepower. Kohler also announced that all of its Command PRO and Aegis twin-cylinder engines would come standard with electronic fuel injection (EFI), for more fuel-efficiency and reduced emissions.

Ag-Pro Companies is a servicing/warranty dealer for Kohler Engines. We pride ourselves in great customer service and competitive prices. If you would like to order any Kohler Engines please click on request a quote link. You can also click on links below to review specific Kohler Engine products. Thank You for visiting us at Ag-Pro Companies.

Wide range of Kohler outdoor engines for more fuel efficiency and reduced emissions

Kohler Aegis Engines Kohler Command PRO Engines Kohler Courage Engines Kohler Courage PRO Engines
Aegis Engines Command PRO Engines Courage Engines Courage PRO Engines
Kohler Diesel Kohler K-Series Engines Kohler Magnum Engines Kohler Triad Engines
Kohler Diesel K-Series Engines Magnum Engines Triad Engines


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