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Scag Commercial Mowers

Scag Power Equipment, a division of Metalcraft of Mayville Inc., was founded in 1983. Originally, the Scag product was manufactured under contract with Metalcraft of Mayville in Mayville, Wisconsin. In 1986, Metalcraft purchased Scag Power Equipment, marking the beginning of a tremendous period of growth for the company. From just one model, a gear-drive rider, to over 50 models today, Scag Power Equipment has become the largest independent manufacturer of commercial mowing equipment in the country. Scag Power Equipment's innovation and attention to quality is known and respected throughout the power equipment industry. Mowers and accessories are designed to be user friendly, with an emphasis on quality, performance, ease of maintenance, profitability and long life.

Ag-Pro Companies is a servicing/warranty dealer for Scag Power Equipment. Scag is only carried at our Gainesville and Middleburg Florida stores. We pride ourselves in great customer service and competitive prices. If you would like to order any Scag Power Equipment please click on request a quote link. You can also click on links below to review specific Scag Power Equipment products. Thank You for visiting us at Ag-Pro Companies.

Review product specific information on Scag commercial zero turn mowers

Scag Turf Tiger Commercial Mowers

The Scag Turf Tiger can cover major ground with its productive 12 mph ground speed (29hp and larger models) and large 10 gallon fuel tank. The simple, trouble-free shaft drive cutter deck means minimum maintenance requirements and a wide range of cutting heights. The double tube steel main frame gives the mower incredible strength and durability

Scag Cheetah Commercial Mowers

The Scag Cheetah is the fastest and most comfortable cat in the Scag family. Clocking in at speeds up to 16 mph and featuring a coil-over shock suspension system, the Cheetah is truly a remarkable zero-turn mower.

The Operator Suspension System isolates the entire operator platform via a coil-over shock and provides additional comfort via rubber iso-mounts. This innovative, adjustable system soaks up the bumps and keeps things simple with only three moving parts.

 Scag Tiger Cat Commercial Mowers

The Scag Tiger Cat™
Small Cat, Big Productivity.
With roaring power and agile maneuverability, the compact Scag Tiger Cat ® is a force all its own. Where productivity is essential, the Tiger Cat delivers with ease, capable of handling more than 24 acres per day. Powerful engines up to 27hp and a tough dual pump and wheel motor drive system ensure dependable performance, year after year. Equipped with a Velocity Plus™ cutter deck, this mower will tame the tallest grass and leave it looking smooth and professionally manicured.

Scag Freedom Riding Mower

Scag Freedom Z® Riding Mower

What could you do with some extra free time? The latest mower from Scag gives you more free time by reducing your mowing time. If you are cutting your grass with a conventional garden tractor, the Freedom Z could cut your mowing time in half*. The Freedom Z is designed for commercial and large estate use. We invite you to learn more about the outstanding features of the Freedom Z and how it can save you time while delivering professional results.

Stand on Mowers

Scag V-Ride Stand on Mowers

The Scag V-Ride™
Stand Up for High Performance

The V-Ride™ is an ultra compact, agile, comfortable and stable stand on mowing machine. It combines the speed and comfort of a rider with the space-saving convenience of a walk-behind mower.

Walk Behind Mowers

Scag SW - Belt-Drive Walk-Behind Mowers

The Scag SW - Belt-Drive Walk-Behind

In 1984, with the introduction of Scag's first belt-drive Walk Behind mower, a revolution was started in the commercial mower industry. A fundamental element of any commercial cutter fleet, the SW belt-drive walk-behind continues to prove its worth through its simple design and efficient operation.

Twin power belts maximize drive performance in all weather conditions. With the spring assisted EZ Grip hand controls and the reliable Peerless five-speed drive system, you can expect trouble free, productive performance.

Scag SWZ - Hydro-Drive Walk-Behind Mowers

The Scag SWZ - Hydro-Drive Walk-Behind

The Scag SWZ Zero Turn Walk Behind Mower is the only choice for professional cutters like you. Its outstanding quality, dependability and performance will put you a step ahead of your competition.

Dual hydraulic pumps and cast-iron wheel motors allow independent, positive power to each wheel. With counter-rotation turning, one wheel moves forward while the other moves backward, minimizing scuffed turf and increasing maneuverability in heavily landscaped areas.

Scag SWZT Ultimate Hydro-Drive Walk-Behind Mowers

The Scag SWZT
Ultimate Hydro-Drive Walk-Behind

The Scag "Ultimate" Zero Turn Walk Behind Mower is the "Ultimate" in quality, dependability and performance.

With an easily adjustable, floating Advantage™ or Velocity Plus™ cutter deck, you can change cutting heights from 1" to 4-1/2", in the field, with no tools required. The self-adjusting, spring-loaded belt systems save you time and repair costs by effortlessly keeping the belts in perfect adjustment.

Video of Scag Company History Visit Scag Official Site

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