2500E E-Cut™ Hybrid Gas Riding Greens Mower

2500E E-Cut™ Hybrid Gas Riding Greens Mower


  • A proven design that drives the cutting unit with electric reel motors
  • 102 potential leak points eliminated in the reel circuit
  • Reduced sound levels and fuel consumption @ 2250 RPM
  • Greatly reduce triplex ring with exclusive offset cutting units
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Type Liquid-Cooled, Gas
Engine horsepower At 3600 rpm: 15.7 kW
21 hp
Engine Manufacturer Gross Power,Tested in accordance with SAE J1995. The engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less. Refer to the engine manufacturer?s web site for additional information.
Air cleaner Semi-cyclone, dry-type, dual-stage
Cooling Liquid
Oil filter Full-flow filter
Engine oil capacity 1.7 L
2 U.S. qt
Pressurized lubrication system Standard
Number of cylinders 2-cylinder
Displacement 617 cc
37.7 cu in.

Electrical System

Charging system Flywheel, alternator
Alternator capacity 16 amp
Ignition CDI
Battery type BCI group 40 maintenance free - 12 V
Starter Electric (solenoid shift)

Vehicle Specifications

Wheels and tires Front
18x10.5-10, 2-ply smooth; 20x10-10, 2-ply smooth; or 20x10-10, 2-ply turf treadRear
18x10.5-10, 2-ply smooth; 20x10-10, 2-ply smooth; or 20x10-10, 2-ply turf tread
Brakes Type
Dual: 15.2 cm
6 in.
Single pedal, 2-wheel disc brakes
Mowing speed 0-6.4 km/h
0-4 mph
Transport speed 0-13.7 km/h
0-8.5 mph
Reverse speed 0-4.8 km/h
0-3 mph
Ground clearance with catcher 10.2 cm
4 in.
Fuel tank capacity In a single tank: 29.9 L
7.9 U.S. gal.
Muffler Horizontal discharge below frame
Hydrostatic capacity (total) 28.8 L
7.6 U.S. gal.
Hydrostatic reservoir capacity (only) 20.4 L
5.4 U.S. gal.
Ground drive, reel drive Traction drive
Hydrostatic, 2-pedal controlReel drive
ElectricReel power source
Alternator, 48 V
90 ampReel control
Voltage regulated
Hydraulic filtration 10 micron


Number 3 - Offset design
Size Quick Adjust QA5 floating, standard: 55.9 cm
22 in.
Backlapping Standard on machine, variable adjustment capability
Clip frequency For 14 blade: 0.541 mm/km/h
0.034 in./mph
with 11 blade reel: 0.689 mm/km/h
0.044 in./mph
with 7-blade reel: 1.082 mm/km/h
0.069 in./mph
Front rollers Optional smooth, machine grooved, or spiral: 5.1 cm
2 in.
Reel diameter 12.7 cm
5 in.
Bedknife adjustment Bedknife-to-reel
Height-of-cut 2.0-19.0 mm
0.078-0.75 in.
with front roller: 51 mm
2 in.
or 16-32 mm
0.625-1.25 in.
Number of blades Choice of 7 or 11
Mower lift (1) hydraulic cylinder for front two units, (1) hydraulic cylinder for center unit

Operator Controls

Steering Hydraulic, adjustable column
Reel lift Right hand (optional foot controls)
Throttle Right hand
Park brake Right foot
Reel drive Right hand
Glow plug switch and indicator light
Hydrostatic speed Forward
Right footReverse
Right foot
Ignition Key start and shutoff


Engine oil pressure LED Warning light
Alternator LED Warning Light
Hydraulic oil temperature LED Warning Light
Engine coolant temperature LED Warning Light
Hourmeter Digital

Electrical and Safety System

Diagnostics On-board diagnostics with White Box Controller and (SOS) Sit on Seat Diagnostics
Safety interlocks Operator presence switch (in seat), backlap switch, mow/transport switch, park brake set switch


Number ANSI B71.4-2004
ROPS 2-Post SAE J21294 Roll Over Protection Structure with Seat Belts meets pending ISO 21299 standards
Engine Meets CARB and EPA

Weights and Dimensions

Wheelbase 129.5 cm
51 in.
Tread width 101.5 cm
40 in.
Mowing position width 157.5 cm
62 in.
Turning radius uncut circle 45.7 cm
18 in.
Weight (full fluids, no operator or fuel) 581 kg
1281 lb

Sound Levels at Operator Ear

Full engine rpm 80 dBA
Reduced engine rpm (2250) 76 dBA

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