S650 Combine

S650 Combine


  • Flexible cab options
  • High-performance S-Series cleaning system reduces slope sensitivity
  • Variable drive
  • 250-bu (8,900-L) S-Series grain tank
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TriStream™ rotor designed for coarse grains and easy threshing small grains

The TriStream rotor is unique to John Deere because it features a slightly tapered design in the threshing area for best in class grain quality while dramatically reducing the growling that often comes with heavy rotor loads. The TriStream rotor is recommended for producers who harvest mainly coarse grains along with easy threshing small grains.


The spiral vanes surrounding the rotor, guide the crop material through the threshing and separating area in a pull and release affect to improve performance. This John Deere S-Series Combine feature is going to generate less power consumption.


Customer Value:

  • TriStream rotor technology reduces the force required to move material through the combine by as much as 20 percent, maximizing fuel efficiency.
  • The rifling grooves on the threshing elements allow the bullet-shaped rotor to move material more efficiently maximizing crop threshing performance and grain quality.
  • Heavy-duty vanes on the top covers propel the crop smoothly rearward through the length of the rotor ensuring all the threshed grain is separated.
S-Series TriStream rotor S-Series TriStream rotor

Theory of Operation:


Fifteen cast-constructed threshing elements provide superior material handling with excellent grain quality.  The elements spiral around the rotor to control material flow.  In some harvesting environments, the dense-pack configuration (nine additional threshing elements) may be necessary. 

Conical top covers Conical top covers
TriStream threshing elements TriStream threshing elements


Conical top covers allow for smooth material movement within the threshing and separating area. The top covers have a radius larger than the rotor, allowing the material to expand as it travels along the top of the rotor. This design uses the pull and release action of crop material, aiding in the threshing and separating to reduce power consumption.



Engine type 9.0 L
548 cu in.
Emission level Final Tier 4 / Tier 2 (Australia/New Zealand)
Rated speed 2,200 rpm
Rated power 225 kW
300 hp
Power boost @ rated speed 25 kW
34 hp
Fuel capacity 950 L
250 gal.
Engine family


Drive type Variable
Conveyor chain slat type Cast iron
Width 1,397 mm
55 in.
Length 1,727 mm
68 in.
Feed Accelerator, Stone Trap (FAST) Reverser

Threshing/ Separating

Separator type Rotary
Rotor length 3,124 mm
123 in.
Rotor diameter 762 mm
30 in.
Rotor speed range 210-1,000 rpm
Concave area 1.1 m2
1,705 sq in.
Separating area 1.54 m2
2,390 sq in.
Discharge grate area 0.36 m2
555 sq in.


Front chaffer 0.5 m2
801 sq in.
Front chaffer extension
Chaffer 2.5 m2
3,824 sq in.
Sieve area 2.1 m2
3,255 sq in.
Total cleaning area (louvered) 5.1 m2
7,905 sq in.
Cleaning fan speed 620-1,200 rpm

Grain handling

Grain tank size 8,900 L
250 bu
Unloading auger length 6.5 m
21.5 ft
Unloading rate 77 L/s
2.2 bu/sec

Base weight - less head

Total machine 17,250 kg
38,030 lb

Manufacturing location


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