Used 2023 John Deere XUV 590E

ATVs & Gators in Conyers, GA

Conyers, GA


  • Category

    ATVs & Gators

  • Manufacturer

    John Deere

  • Model

    XUV 590E

  • Model Year


  • Operation Hours


  • Miles

    1 mi

  • Status

    On Ord


The fastest version of the Mid Size XUV. With an integrated park position switch and a dash display that's easy to operate, the Gator XUV is a great choice for those who are looking for a more refined and capable utility vehicle. Its drivetrain system utilizes a combination of engine power and advanced technologies to improve the performance of its towing and hauling capabilities. The power from the engine is transmitted to the transaxle through a continuously variable transmission. The side-by-side seating arrangement provides ample room for two passengers and one operator. It also allows for easy service and storage. Two cup holders are located near the operator's station. A standard 12-V direct current (DC) outlet is located on the instrument panel. There are seven pre-drilled locations for the dash switch and various electrical accessories. The front post features a three-point seat belt and passenger side grab handle. CALL CODY: 4047822572

Key Features

  • Type

    4WD XUV Gas

  • Tire Type

    All Terrain

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