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NEW JOHN DEERE 2025R WITH LOADER/BUCKET $22,999 WITH GRAPPLE $27499 *PACKAGE DEAL WITH TRAILER,BUSH HOG, BOX BLADE $35,999 The 2R Series are equipped with a two-range hydrostatic transmission (HST) incorporated in a die-cast aluminum transmission case. Fluid under pressure transmits engine power to the drive wheels via a closed-loop pump and motor arrangement. Infinite ground speeds allow the operator to match the speed of the tractor to the job. No clutching for fast and easy direction changes Twin Touch™ foot pedals for quick and easy forward/reverse operation Transmission oil cooler cools transmission oil for longer transmission life Safety features of the HST include: The tractor will only start with the range lever in neutral If the range lever is in gear when the key is turned to the start position, the instrument panel instructs the operator to shift to neutral The engine will shut off if the operator leaves the seat and the forward/reverse pedals are depressed The range lever is located next to the seat, conveniently within reach of the operator All tasks can be performed using two ranges on the 2025R which means less shifting throughout the day Durability features include: Large forged one-piece trunnion shaft with larger support bearings that reduce vibration and noise Innovative transaxle combines an HST, gear reduction axle, and clutch Pressure side filtration allows the use of a fine-mesh filter One pump to supply charge pressure and implement A flow divider splits the flow to various circuits throughout the tractor. The transaxle has an oil cooler which provides improved hydraulic cooling performance YANMAR TNV SERIES ENGINE OFFERS THESE FEATURES: Economical for good cooling and long life Isolated engine provides reduced vibration and noise for the operator; indirect fuel injection uses a precombustion chamber to give the engine a smooth and quiet operation; aluminum-alloy piston with built-in steel struts are lightweight to reduce connection rod bearing loads and provide good heat transfer characteristics Design permits tighter tolerances and neutralizes expansion of the piston, thereby reducing blow-by gas and less noise from the piston slap Higher top rings on the piston and a thinner head gasket greatly reduces the volume of unburned waste gases and increases combustion efficiency Timing-gear teeth have a designed roll-off profile giving almost no clash, no noise, and no backlash High-torque reserve provides plenty of power under heavy load, yet retains excellent fuel economy Easy access to engine check and fill points on the right-hand side of the tractor by removing the side panels Fuel filter with replaceable element Full-pressure lubrication system provides filtered oil under pressure to all vital engine parts Glow plugs provide quick starts in temperatures down to -18°C (0°F) (Optional engine coolant heater attachment will assist starting under more extreme conditions.) Auto-bleed fuel system means there is no special bleeding required if the tractor runs out of fuel; this system will self-prime the injection pump, lines, and injectors, providing fast fuel recovery Key start and shut off eliminates fuel shut-off knob Electric solenoid shuts fuel supply off immediately when key is turned off See-through coolant recovery tank permits operator to check coolant level without removing radiator cap Dry-type air cleaner with safety element keeps dirt and other contaminants out of the engine Safety element (second filter) will protect engine if primary filter would develop a leak Protects engine when servicing primary filter Air filter restriction indicator is standard equipment on the 2025R Tractor Sealed-radiator compartment keeps trash and debris on outside of hood Horizontal exhaust discharges fumes away from the operator station, reducing noise and improving operator visibility and comfort CALL CODY: 4047822572

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