Ag-Pro exports quality used equipment and in many cases, with low hours. Our trained technicians thoroughly inspect our used equipment to ensure it is ready for export.

We are proud to say that Ag-Pro can ship worldwide (pending current status of country being shipped to). Our trained technicians will help make your purchase as easy as possible. We have exported to just about everywhere in the world, from China to Chile. Our experienced staff will walk you through the process. Please contact us with your machine inquiries.


  1. Identify machine – Make, Model, Year
  2. Determine Shipping Terms
  3. Negotiate price
  4. Supply Invoice information
  5. Make payment
  6. Arrange for delivery

Please contact our Exports Manager to get started.

Exports Manager
Daniel Bianchini
(352) 351-2383 / exports@agproco.com 


How do I get started?
Please contact us at exports@agproco.com for information and quote needs.

What type of Equipment does Ag-Pro Export?
We handle everything from Agricultural, Turf, and Construction equipment.

Where does Ag-Pro Export to?
We can generally Export around the world.