In the time of year to make the most of every moment, Ag-Pro can help ensure your harvest goes smoothly. Improve your harvest operations by using our tools to: 

  • Improve quality and reduce loss. 
  • Utilize satellite guidance in down corn, around terraces, or on pivots. 
  • Document every harvest pass, collecting yield, moisture, and more. 
  • Coordinate multiple combines and grain carts in the same field to save time. 
  • Eliminate manual calibration. 
  • Turn your harvest data into a plan for next year. 
  • Remotely view and adjust your combine. 
  • Get real-time data while you harvest. 
  • Eliminate the need for USB devices. 
  • Download the Go Harvest app for setup instructions. 
  • Connect your combine wirelessly. 
  • Reduce downtime by 20% or more. 

Featured Solution: Combine Advisor - This optional package includes 7 automation technologies to maintain the performance settings you choose - no matter the moisture or crop conditions. The ActiveVision cameras use cameras on the clean grain elevator and tailings elevator to help you see what's going on. 

Learn more by visiting the John Deere Precision Ag Technology Page