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Ag-Pro Companies is the largest privately-owned John Deere dealership in North America. We serve large ag, small ag, construction equipment and turf customers in 83 locations across seven states.

Whether you need farm equipment, machinery to maintain a residential property or anything in between, our team of professionals is here to help. We carry many additional product lines coupled with a knowledgeable Parts, Service and Sales staff so we can meet the demands of our diverse market coverage.

Over the last 60 years, Ag-Pro has seen many changes in the industry, and we will continue to grow and adapt to meet our customers' needs.

The History of Ag-Pro

We’re proud of our rich history of service to John Deere customers across North America. 

Keep reading to learn more about how Ag-Pro has grown from our early days in Boston, Georgia, to serving customers from 83 locations nationwide.

1903 | Adams, Rountree and Co. Opens in Boston, Georgia

Adams, Rountree and Co. was the leading general store in Boston, Georgia, carrying a wide variety of goods, from farm supplies to groceries and furniture. The store was the principal place of business and a social gathering place for the Boston community for a number of decades. In the mid-1900s, the name changed to Boston Implement Co., and the focus of the business changed to an agricultural equipment and supply store, with John Deere as the premier product line.

A black & white image of the former Adams, Rountree and Co. building in Boston, Georgia.

1920s | Rice Center Supply Company Founded

Rice Center Supply, which would later become the flagship store for Ag-Pro Arkansas, was the name of the original John Deere store opened in Stuttgart, Arkansas.

A sign for Rice Center Supply, formerly located in Stuttgart, Arkansas.

Rice Center Supply employees in the 1920s.

1945 | Groover Brothers Partnership Formed

James Groover Sr. and Samuel “Dick” Groover formed the Groover Brothers Partnership after returning from the war in 1945. The brothers began acquiring land and farming, and they opened Boston Seed Company across the street from Boston Implement Co.

The Groover brothers in 1945, who later opened Boston Seed Company across from Boston Implement Co.

1958 | Boston Tractor Company Is Established

Grady Sherrod, a local business owner, personally financed the $6,000 purchase of Boston Implement Company for James Groover Sr. and Dick Groover. After acquiring the business, the Groover Brothers renamed Boston Implement Company to Boston Tractor Company.

Newspaper image announcing the establishment of Boston Implement Company.

1978 | Boston Tractor Company Relocates

With two John Deere dealers in Thomas County, and at the request of Deere & Company, James and Dick built a new facility and relocated Boston Tractor Company to Brooks County. This relocation placed Boston Tractor Company close to a large base of agricultural customers.

Newspaper image announcing Boston Tractor Co. relocating to serve a larger ag customer base.

1981 | Agricultural Productivity Companies Is Born

Frank Lyon, a wealthy Arkansas businessman, purchased John Deere dealerships in and around Stuttgart, Arkansas, from J.W. Benefield. He engaged a marketing consulting firm to generate ideas for a new name for his Arkansas dealerships. The end result was to brand the locations as Agricultural Productivity Companies, or Ag-Pro for short.

The yellow & green Ag-Pro logo.

1994 | A Year of Change and an Era of Growth Begins

After his father’s passing in 1994, James Groover Jr. acquired his father’s shares of Boston Tractor Company and began to play a larger role in the business. James began working with his Uncle Dick to hire aggressive salesmen, one of whom was the former Thomas Stone. Newly developed products coupled with new energy in the dealership drove sales growth and increased market share for Boston Tractor Company.

John Deere equipment is shown lined up outside an Ag-Pro location in Boston, GA.

1998 | Dick Groover Retires

After Dick Groover’s retirement, James Groover Jr. and Thomas Stone purchased Dick’s shares of the company. Together, James and Thomas worked to establish a path of growth and acquisitions. Explosive sales growth began.

2000 | Nichols Tractor Acquisition

As a result of the Dealer of Tomorrow Strategy, James and Thomas partnered with a high-performing salesman at Boston Tractor Company, Timothy Hiers (Timmy), to purchase Nichols Tractor in Bainbridge, Georgia. Timmy moved to Bainbridge to manage Nichols Tractor and kickstart sales.

With new ownership in place, sales flourished. What was originally a conservatively, well-run business selling $13.8 million in 1998 made its mark as sales grew to $51.5 million by the end of 2001.

The former Nichols Tractor location in Bainbridge, Georgia, is pictured.

2004 | Live Oak Tractor Acquisition

The purchase of Live Oak Tractor in 2004 provided Boston Tractor Company a mixture of small ag and turf sales to balance the sales mix for the company. In only one year, Live Oak Tractor’s sales more than doubled under the Boston Tractor Company umbrella.

2008 | Mershon Tractor Acquisition

Boston Tractor Company purchased Mershon Tractor, an underperforming location, in 2008. After a store overhaul, the location grew sales from $8 million annually to $29 million annually by the end of the first 18 months.

2010 | Expansion into Arkansas

Growth continued for Boston Tractor Company with the purchase of Agricultural Productivity Companies’ seven locations in Central Arkansas. With this growth came the opportunity for Matthew Carlton and Gordon Mooney to acquire ownership in the company. Matthew relocated to lead the Arkansas locations. Over the course of only four years, annual sales in Arkansas grew from $79 million to $170 million.

2012 | The Organization Is Rebranded as Ag-Pro

The exponential growth of the company made it necessary to brand the organization under one name. Rights to the name “Ag-Pro” were purchased with the acquisition of the Arkansas dealerships. Since the name marketed well across all geographies, the ownership team branded their Georgia and Florida locations as Ag-Pro and designed a new logo that would fit well with future growth across anywhere in the United States.

2013 | Ag-Pro Valdosta and Acquisition of GreenSouth Equipment

To capture a larger market share in the turf market, Ag-Pro opened a Valdosta, Georgia, location in March 2013. In this same year, Ag-Pro acquired GreenSouth Equipment. The acquisition of GreenSouth’s 13 locations secured a large territory in South Georgia and North Florida, establishing Ag-Pro as a prominent, leading dealer across Georgia and Florida.

The Ag-Pro location in Valdosta, GA, is shown with John Deere products lined up outside.

2014 | Atlanta, Georgia, Expansion 

Acquiring GreenSouth’s dealerships paved the way for Ag-Pro to establish a footprint in Metro Atlanta. In 2014, Ag-Pro purchased Fayette Tractor in Fayetteville, Lawn Equipment Solutions in Grayson, Rockdale Tractor in Conyers, Coweta Tractor in Newnan, Mid-Georgia Tractor in Macon and the John Deere rights from Southside Equipment in Milledgeville. With the relocation of the Fayetteville location to McDonough, Georgia, and the relocation of the Newnan location, Ag-Pro optimized the distance between their Metro Atlanta locations.

The Atlanta, Georgia, Ag-Pro location (formerly Fayette Tractor) is shown with John Deere products.

2014 | Ag-Pro Arkansas Sells to Greenway Equipment

Explosive sales growth and new facilities in Arkansas caught the interest of a neighboring dealer, Greenway Equipment. After multiple attempts to purchase Ag-Pro Arkansas, the two companies agreed to a deal. In August 2014, Ag-Pro sold their seven Arkansas dealerships to Greenway Equipment and began focusing on numerous other expansion opportunities.

2015 | South Texas Implement Company Acquisition

After much negotiation, Ag-Pro acquired South Texas Implement Company’s 11 dealerships. The acquisition of these dealerships provided an opportunity for significant sales growth and an opportunity for Kirt Morris and Kyle Cooper to partner in the Texas acquisition.

An Ag-Pro location in TX is pictured. It was formerly part of South Texas Implement Company.

2015 | Opening of the Corporate Headquarters

In the summer of 2015, Ag-Pro Companies opened their corporate headquarters in Boston, Georgia.

The Ag-Pro corporate headquarters is pictured with a blue sky.

2016 | Startup Location in Seneca, South Carolina

Specializing in lawn mowers & compact utility tractors to serve homeowners and weekend farmers as well as the small ag markets, the startup location in Seneca, South Carolina, grew the organization to 36 locations.

The Seneca, South Carolina, Ag-Pro location is pictured under a blue sky.

2017 | A Year of Startup Locations & Acquisitions

2017 was a major year of growth for Ag-Pro. In this year, Ag-Pro added 19 locations through six acquisitions and the opening of three new locations.

Snead Ag Acquisition
Seven locations across North Alabama and North Georgia

Piedmont Outdoors Acquisition
One location in Piedmont, Alabama

Collins Auto & Equipment
One location in Guntersville, Alabama

Gainesville, Georgia
New location

Anderson, South Carolina
New location

Jacksonville, Florida
New location

Cole’s Equipment Acquisition
One location in Dalton, Georgia

Fredericksburg Equipment Acquisition
One location in Fredericksburg, Texas

Neuhaus & Company Acquisition
Five locations across the Rio Grande Valley in Southern Texas

A drone photo of a Snead Ag location that became an Ag-Pro store.

A drone photo overview of an Ag-Pro location.

2018 | Growth Continues

In 2018, Ag-Pro continued its rapid pace of expansions by acquiring a location in Kerrville, Texas, and opening a John Deere sales and rental location in Quitman, Georgia, as well as several other major acquisitions.

Quitman Rental
Jan. 2018 – One location in Quitman, Georgia

Secor Equipment Acquisition
Jan. 2018 – One location in Kerrville, Texas

Crystal River, Florida
May 2018 – New location

Wilson Equipment Acquisition
Sept. 2018 – One location in Spartanburg, South Carolina

New Braunfels, Texas
Sept. 2018 – New location

R&R Tractor Acquisition
Nov. 2018 – One location in Boerne, Texas

JD Equipment Acquisition
Dec. 2018 – Locations in Ohio and Kentucky

A John Deere green & yellow logo for Ag-Pro Rentals.

2019 | Expansion into the Midwest

At the end of 2018, Ag-Pro began its fast expansion into the midwest by first acquiring JD Equipment, which had 10 stores in southern Ohio and Kentucky. By the end of January 2019, Ag-Pro had acquired two more dealerships in Ohio and opened a few new locations in Texas, Georgia and Florida. At the end of 2019, Ag-Pro operated 90 locations across nine states.

Bandera, Texas
Jan. 2019 – New Location

Shearer Equipment Acquisition
Jan. 2019 – Seven locations in Ohio

Kuester Implement Acquisition
Jan. 2019 – Three locations in Ohio

Rome, Georgia
Feb. 2019 – New location

Brunswick, Georgia
March 2019 – New location

Lake City, Florida
April 2019 – New location

Homestead Lawn Acquisition
June 2019 – One location in Cleveland, Tennessee

Five Points Implement Acquisition
June 2019 – One location in Hillsboro, Ohio

A picture of the Burbank, Ohio, Ag-Pro location.

2019 | Ritchie Tractor Acquisition

Ag-Pro continued their expansion by acquiring Ritchie Tractor’s three dealerships, serving Athens, Knoxville and Maryville.

An outside photo of the Maryville, Tennessee, Ag-Pro location.

2020 | Selling Texas, More Growth in Ohio 

2020 was a year full of change in many ways, and Ag-Pro was no exception. One of the biggest changes for the company was the sale of the Texas locations to new dealer, Tellus Equipment. In August 2020, the sale of the 21 stores in the Texas region became official and focus shifted to new locations, such as the addition of a brand new John Deere dealership location in Murphy, North Carolina. Growth continued into the fall with the purchase of three Ohio dealership groups, making a total of 77 locations in eight states.

Murphy, North Carolina
August 2020 – New location

Texas Stores Sold
August 2020 - 21 locations

Moore's Lawn & Garden
November 2020 – 2 locations in Ohio

Cope Farm Equipment
November 2020 – 3 locations in Ohio

Holkenborg Equipment
November 2020 – 1 location in Ohio

An outside photo of an Ag-Pro location with a sign in front that reads "Now Open."

2021 | Farragut Lawn & Garden Acquisition

Ag-Pro acquired Farragut Lawn & Garden in Knoxville, Tennessee, serving Farragut township. By 2021, Ag-Pro operated 79 locations across seven states.

A photo of the Farragut Ag-Pro location.

2022 | Selling Alabama, Expanding into Northwest Ohio

In February, the seven Alabama locations were sold to a neighboring dealer. The following month, Ag-Pro acquired the eight Findlay Implement Company locations in Northwest Ohio, expanding the total Ohio footprint to 35 locations and the overall location count to 80 stores across seven states.

A photo of a Findlay Implement Co. store, acquired by Ag-Pro.

 2023 | Ag-Pro Expands to Greenville, South Carolina

In January, Ag-Pro added a location in Greenville, South Carolina, that offers a full line of
John Deere mowers and tractors along with compact construction equipment, STIHL handheld
equipment and more.

2023 | Ag-Pro Proudly Expands Its Presence Along Florida's Eastern Coastline

In September, Ag-Pro announced the acquisition of a John Deere dealership in South Daytona, FL. The formerly known "South Daytona Tractor & Mower" has been serving Volusia County and its surrounding counties since 1990.

The products available for sale and service at this location will be expanded to include John Deere's Compact Construction Equipment line which encompasses skid steers, mini excavators, and more. Simultaneously, we will soon begin renovating the facility and expanding the service shop to better serve customers and provide for continued growth.

2024 | Ag-Pro Expands to Waycross, Georgia

In January, Ag-Pro acquired Southeast Mower & Saw Shop in Waycross, Georgia. With this transition, the product offering in Waycross will expand to include a wide array of John Deere parts and equipment, including tractors and compact construction equipment.

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