Military Hiring Program

At Ag-Pro, we proudly support the military and are a dedicated employer for SkillBridge and Career Skills Program (CSP) participants.

If you are a veteran of the Armed Forces, currently serving in active duty, reserves, the National Guard or are pursuing a CSP or SkillBridge Internship, we have excellent career opportunities waiting for you.

Ag-Pro was founded in 1958 by two Veterans and we very proudly support our Veteran and Active Duty Service Members. We value the skills and experience you gained during your military service and recognize the unique qualities you bring to our workforce.

To learn more about joining our team, please reach out to Kim Walden at or fill out the form below. Kim will be happy to provide you with more information and assist you throughout the application process. Join Ag-Pro today and embark on a rewarding career journey with a company that appreciates your military service.

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Military Skillbridge

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    An American flag hangs behind a John Deere tractor at an Ag-Pro shop.