Ag-Pro has the tools you need to improve your seed placement, spacing, and emergence. Optimize your planting operation using these technologies: 

  • Perform headland turns with the touch of a button to improve consistency with less fatigue. 
  • Plant faster, up to 10 mph, with no loss in accuracy, to hit the optimal planting window. 
  • Complete test stand functions from a mobile device connected to the planter. 
  • Send planting prescriptions to your machine wirelessly or with a USB. 
  • Automatically turn row units on and off to reduce seed costs. 
  • Coordinate multiple planters in the same field to reduce waste and time. 
  • Map every pass. 
  • Plant with confidence by seeing issues and fixing them quickly right from the cab. 
  • Reduce downtime by 20% or more. 

Featured Solution: ExactEmerge – The only planter on the market that can offer even emergence, correct population, uniform spacing, and speed to get the most production within the optimum window. 

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