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Ag-Pro is proud to sell and service Great Plains Planting Equipment. Whether you need no-till drills or planting equipment, Ag-Pro can deliver this premier planting equipment and help you choose the right piece for your operation.

Ag-Pro Sells and Services Great Plains Planting Equipment

The planting equipment division of Land Pride, Great Plains, manufactures agricultural seed planting equipment, tillage equipment and crop sprayers. In 1986, the Land Pride Division was started. This diversified the company's product mix to include finish mowers, rotary tillers, rotary cutters, landscape seeding equipment, zero-turn mowers, and a number of dirt-working implements. The company's products are sold through over 2,000 independent dealerships across the United States and are exported worldwide.

Ag-Pro Companies is also a servicing and warranty dealer for Great Plains Planting Equipment. We pride ourselves in great customer service and competitive prices across our agricultural equipment and the Great Plains line is no exception. If you would like to order any Great Plains Equipment please click on the request a quote link. You can also click to contact any of our stores to ask about this equipment and request a demo or expert overview of the equipment to suit your needs. 

Major Great Plains Planting Equipment Include: 

  • Air Drills – Great Plains’ field-proven air drill design centers around double disc openers,Great Plains Air Drills combining rugged dependability with exceptional accuracy and depth control.

  • Compact Drills – With the industry’s most accurate and dependable seed delivery system, GreatGreat Plains Compact Drills Plains’ compact drill line delivers solutions for a wide variety of applications.

  • Fertilizer Applicators – Great Plains’ Nutri-Pro® fertilizer application tools offer liquid and non-Great Plains Fertilizer Applicatorsliquid fertilizing solutions. 

  • Hitches – Match any Great Plains implement to one of these quality hitches.Great Plains Hitches

  • Drills – Get seeds right where you want them. Great Plains’ mini-till, no-till and heavy-duty grainGreat Plains Drills drills are designed to maximize yield with exceptional seed spacing and depth, and seed-to-soil contact. Drills include:
  • Mini-Till Drills
  • No-Till Drills
  • Heavy Duty Grain Drills

  • Planters – Produce outstanding yields season after season with the features of a Great PlainsGreat Plains Planters bee-friendly Yield-Pro® Planter.

  • Sprayers – Great Plains’ spraying systems are engineered with the latest software and haveGreat Plains Sprayers handled extensive field testing, assuring reliability for years to come.

  • Conventional Tillage – Every operation has unique needs, and Great Plains’ dependableGreat Plains Conventional Tillage conventional tillage line stands out from the competition, due to some unconventional features.

  • Vertical Tillage – Great Plains’ vertical tillers leave a uniform, unrestricted soil profile thatGreat Plains Vertical Tillage promotes maximum root development and increased yields.

  • Planting Components – Coulters, row cleaners, and other components to fit virtually anyGreat Plains Planting Components toolbar.

More about Great Plains

Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc., was established on April 1, 1976, by company founder Roy Applequist. Great Plains has since become a leader in manufacturing agricultural implements for tillage, seeding and planting in the United States and is a leading producer of dirtworking, turf maintenance and landscaping equipment. Great Plains comprises five divisions: Great Plains Ag, Great Plains International, Land Pride, Great Plains Acceptance Corporation (GPAC), and Great Plains Trucking.

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