Multi-Use Account

What is a Multi-Use Account?

Ag-Pro and John Deere want to make purchasing agriculture and landscaping equipment as easy as possible. A Multi-Use Account increases users’ purchasing power by offering an incredibly flexible line of farm credit, perfect for purchasing parts, attachments, service and other supplies from Ag-Pro.

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Why use a Multi-Use Account with Ag-Pro?

1. Increased Purchasing Power

Ag-Pro offers a vast range of financing options to work for you. A Multi-Use Account isn’t an old-school farm loan. It’s been created to take users much further than all that. Use your Multi-Use Account to best suit your job’s needs. Don’t wait to get your John Deere equipment; personalize your financial plan today with Ag-Pro and a Multi-Use Account.

2. Convenience

With your Multi-Use Account from Ag-Pro, you can receive an online statement each month through MyFinancialAccounts. Get detailed information sent right to your email, like product, unit price, quantity and more. Stay informed about your equipment purchases with a John Deere Multi-Use Account with Ag-Pro.

3. Flexible Payment Options

Enjoy Ag-Pro and John Deere’s latest promotions on equipment with your Multi-Use Account. Take advantage of deals like No-Payments/No-Interest, 30-Day Terms and Turf Terms all in one place.

4. Ease of Use

For the simplest way to purchase John Deere equipment, put it on your Multi-Use Account. Get 24/7 online access with up to 24 months of purchase history for your convenience. With your Multi-Use Account from Ag-Pro, you can save time ordering your equipment. Information within your Multi-Use Account is easily shareable with team members to increase your ability to collaborate.

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