John Deere Student Tech Program

Owens Community College | Toledo, Ohio
South Georgia Technical College | Americus, Georgia

Five Benefits of Ag-Pro’s Student Tech Program

1. $16,000 tuition reimbursement

2. Paid internship while you go to school

3. Guaranteed full-time position with Ag-Pro after graduation

4. Career advancement opportunities - start as a tech and grow to any position within the dealership

5. Two-Year Associate of Applied Science degree

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Student Tech Program

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    Two of Ag-Pro's John Deere ag tech students work on equipment.

    "The best part about my job is being out in the field during harvest fixing an issue, getting the machine back and going when it matters most, and being able to feel the appreciation the farmer has for helping them." - Shane Maupin, John Deere Ag Tech Program Graduate

    The John Deere Ag Tech Program at Owens Community College and South Georgia Technical College is designed to provide you with hands-on training and education to build a successful career as a John Deere technician. As two of only 21 colleges worldwide offering the John Deere Ag Tech Program, these schools combine classroom instruction and real-world experience on modern John Deere agriculture equipment to prepare graduates for employment at a John Deere dealership.

    More benefits of joining the John Deere Ag Tech Program through Ag-Pro include:

    • Tools for TECHs initiative: Buy quality John Deere tools at a discounted price.
    • Hands-on learning: Train with the latest and greatest technology and equipment.
    • 8-week rotation: 8 weeks in the classroom, 8 weeks on the job earning an income.
    • Advanced training: Attend college through the John Deere TECH program or go straight to work and receive accelerated training. Either way, avoid student loan debt with dealer support opportunities.
    • High-demand: Service technicians are in high demand in this growing field, and John Deere dealers offer competitive compensation.
    • Rewarding work: Service technicians are the foundation of John Deere. They are the trusted advisors our customers rely on when they need help.
    • Growth Opportunities: Starting as a technician gives you the equipment, technology and customer experience to advance to any position within the dealership, from service or parts manager to Precision Ag technology manager or sales.

    Working as a John Deere service tech is more than a job turning wrenches. It's a career that offers competitive wages, training from experienced professionals, rewarding work and advancement opportunities.

    Ag-Pro is the largest privately owned John Deere dealership in North America. Offering 82 locations across the nation, we specialize in providing products, parts and service to customers in the large ag, small ag, construction equipment and turf industries. Join the John Deere Ag Tech Program with Ag-Pro and become a part of a team that helps push America’s ag industry forward!