6068HFG85 6.8L Generator Drive Engine

6068HFG85 6.8L Generator Drive Engine


• PowerTech™ Plus
• Standby: 212-235 kW (284-315 hp) @ 1800 rpm
• Prime: Prime: 193-214 kW (259-287 hp) @ 1800 rpm
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Jet fuel capable

  • The John Deere jet fuel capable engines run on military, arctic, and aviation fuel, including Jet A, Jet A-1, JP-5, and JP-8. If you need to switch back to diesel fuel, just fill up the tank and go.

4-valve cylinder head

  • Provides excellent airflow resulting in better transient response
  • Cross flow design

High pressure common rail fuel system

  • HPCR: Higher injection pressures, up to 1600 bar (23,000 PSI) variable injection pressure, variable timing control, multiple injections and controls the duration of injection

Cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)

  • Cools and mixes measured amounts of cooled exhaust gas with incoming fresh air to lower peak combustion temperatures, thereby reducing NOx

Variable geometry turbocharger-VGT

  • Varies exhaust pressure based on load and speed to insure proper EGR flow, quicker transient response for exceptional block-loading, and best-in-class fuel economy

Air-to-air aftercooled

  • This is the most efficient method of cooling intake air to help reduce engine emissions while maintaining low-speed torque, transient response time, and peak torque. It enables an engine to meet emissions regulations with better fuel economy and the lowest installed costs

Compact size

  • Horsepower/displacement ratio is best-in-class
  • Lower installed cost
  • Mounting points for Tier 3/Stage III A engine models same as Tier 2/Stage II engine models

John Deere electronic engine controls

  • Monitors critical engine functions providing warning and/or shutdown to prevent costly engine repairs; eliminates need for add-on governing components; all lowering total installed costs. Snapshot diagnostic data that can be retrieved using commonly available diagnostic service tools
  • New common wiring interface connector for vehicles or available OEM instrumentation packages; new solid conduit and "T" connectors to reduce wiring stress, greater durability and improved appearance
  • Factory installed engine mounted ECU or remote mounted ECU, wiring harness and associated components
  • Industry standard SAE J1939 interface which communicates with other vehicle systems, eliminating redundant sensors and reducing vehicle installed cost

Additional features

  • Self adjusting poly-vee fan drive
  • Either-side service
  • 500-hour oil change


Emissions certifications

EPA Tier 3

General engine data

Model 6068HFG85
Number of cylinders 6
Displacement-- L (cu in) 6.8 (415)
Bore and Stroke-- mm (in) 106 x 127 (4.17 x 5.00)
Compression Ratio 17.0:1
Engine Type In-line, 4-Cycle
Aspiration Turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled
Length - mm (in) 1161 (45.7)
Width-- mm (in) 616 (24.3)
Height-- mm (in) 1128 (44.4)
Weight, dry - kg (lb) 678 (1495)

Performance data range

Hz (rpm) 60 ( 1800 )
Generator Efficiency % 88-92
Power Factor 0.8
Engine power - Prime kW 193-214
Engine power - Prime hp 259-287
Engine power - Standby kW 212-235
Engine power - Standby hp 284-315
Rated Fan Power - kW 6.5-14.1
Rated Fan Power - hp 8.7-18.9
Calculated generator set output - Prime kWe 164-184
Calculated generator set output - Prime kVA 181-230
Calculated generator set output - Standby kWe 194-214
Calculated generator set output - Standby kVA 226-254