660R Loader

660R Loader


  • Tool-free removal and attachment with just a few, simple steps
  • Frame design that allows for maximum maneuverability
  • Automatic Mast Latch system for quick change from loader to three-point implements
  • Repositioned leveling links for better visibility
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Model 6145R/M, 6155R/M
Front tire 540/65R30
Rear tire 650/65R42
Front axle configuration MFWD
Wheelbase 2765 mm
108.9 in.
Pump capacity 114 L/min
30.1 gpm
Rated pressure 200 bar
2900 psi


Leveling configuration Non-Self Leveling (NSL)
Bucket used Heavy-duty grapple 2150 mm
Heavy-duty grapple 85 in.
Bucket weight 327 kg
721 lb
Lift capacity at full height Measured at pivot (U)
2564 kg
5663 lbMeasured at 800 mm ahead of pivot (V)
1861 kg
4103 lb
Lift capacity at 59 in. (1500 mm) Measured at pivot (W)
2800 kg
6173 lbMeasured at 800 mm ahead of pivot (X)
2222 kg
4899 lb
Boom breakout force Measured at pivot (Y)
2958 kgf
6521 lbfMeasured at 800 mm ahead of pivot (Z)
2237 kgf
4932 lbf
Bucket rollback force capacity At maximum height (VV)
2916 kgf
6429 lbfAt 59-in. (1500-mm) lift height (XX)
4601 kgf
10143 lbfAt ground-level line (ZZ)
4505 kgf
9932 lbf
Dimensions Maximum lift height (A)
4495 mm
177 in.At full height - bucket level(B)
4255 mm
168 in.At full height - bucket dumped (C)
3481 mm
137 in.
Overall length (I+F), ft (m) 5.6 m
18.4 ft
Overall height in carry position (J)
Digging depth (H) 81 mm
3 in.
Reach At maximum height (D)
1038 mm
41 in.At ground level - bucket level (F)
2848 mm
112 in.
Bucket angle Dump angle, degrees (E)
60 degree (angle)Rollback angle, degrees (G)
48 degree (angle)Dump angle, ground
146 degree (angle)
Cycle times Loader raise, seconds
3.98 secondsLoader lower, seconds
2.75 secondsBucket dump, seconds
2.65 secondsBucket rollback, seconds
1.81 seconds

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