725D Draper Platform

725D Draper Platform


  • Windrowing capability with 700D Drapers
  • Double-cut knife system produces a cleaner cut
  • Dual-knife drive system is timed
  • Cutterbar is closer to the ground
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Reel resume and reverse are features on the 700D Drapers

Reel resume and reverse are features on the 700D Drapers. The combine operator can store two different reel positions with one setting for normal conditions and another for down, tangled, short, or leaning crops. 


Feature benefit:

  • Added time savings and convenience with saved reel positions, lowering operator fatigue
  • Increased harvest efficiency through a reel-reverse feature which reverses the reel in conjunction with the center feed drum and belt to back outplugs
Draper drum Draper drum
Draper reel Draper reel

Takes one person a few minutes to convert draper from field to transport without use of tools

The 730D, 735D, and 740D Draper models can be equipped with an integrated, slow-speed transport system.


John Deere value:

  • Need for a header trailer is eliminated due to dual-front dolly wheel tires with an extendable tongue and two-gauge wheel tires that can carry the complete weight of the draper when in transport

  • Road transport is quicker and easier because one person can convert the draper from field to transport mode in a few minutes without the use of tools

Theory of operation

In field mode, the dual wheels become the left- and right-hand gauge wheels. For transport, the left-hand dual-dolly wheels support one side of the draper frame and the right-hand dual wheels are repositioned to support the right-hand end of the frame.


The transport package includes warning lights, which can be plugged into a seven-way power source for road transport with a 32.2-km/h (20-mph) speed limit for farm equipment transport.

Dual-wheel arm and single-wheel arm assembly Dual-wheel arm and single-wheel arm assembly
Slow-speed transport - rear wheels Slow-speed transport - rear wheels

NOTE: The 730D, 735D, and 740D Drapers are equipped with two ST215/75R14 gauge wheel tires as base equipment and four ST215/75R14 gauge wheels with the low-speed transport option.

Double-cut knife system produces a cleaner cut

All John Deere 700D Drapers include a double-cut knife which features a hydraulic tilt that is controlled from inside the cab. All 10.6-m (35-ft) and 12.1-m (40-ft) draper cutterbars have knifeback reinforcement straps to strengthen the knifeback.


Feature benefit:

  • Maximized productivity through longer stroke of knife section provides a faster, cleaner, and smoother cut, which allows operators to harvest at faster ground speeds
  • Productivity is maximized in tough conditions through a reinforced knifeback that strengthens the cutterbar
  • Reduced cost of operation and increased wear life with hardened sickle sections and unique boron treatment
  • Hydraulic tilt optimizes the cutterbar angle for varying conditions, extending the harvest day and providing the lowest-possible cut height
Double-cut cutterbar system Double-cut cutterbar system
Double-cut rock guard Double-cut rock guard

The 100-mm (4-in.) cutting action produces a cleaner cut versus the tearing effect of shorter-stroke cutting systems. Knife hold-downs are easily adjusted to help maintain harvesting performance.

Tilt cylinder Tilt cylinder

The cutterbar hydraulic tilt adjusts a full 8 degrees while maintaining excellent visibility to the cutterbar throughout the tilt range. For improved ease of use, the optional advanced hydro handle can be configured to control the platform tilt.

Draper feeding option for the 700D

A draper feeding option is available for model year 2018 that will be offered for the full 700D Rigid Draper lineup. This option code will include larger top crop augers with the necessary hydraulic components and mounting hardware as well as an improved seal kit to keep the grain in the draper and not left on the ground. 


Feature benefit:

  • Smoother feeding in tough crop conditions from a 50 percent increase in top crop auger diameter
  • Increased performance in tough feeding crops with twice the torque on top crop auger motors
  • 45 percent reduced center-feed section losses


The top crop auger has been increased in size from 304.8 mm to 457.2 mm (12 in. to 18 in.) with deeper auger flighting to give increased control in bushy crop conditions. This results in even feeding to the center feed drum, which creates a smooth transition to the feederhouse.   The seal kit for the center feed section has added rubber seals on both sides of the center feed drum, preventing losses from grain falling outside of the center feed drum. 

Large, center feed drum improves feeding of crop into combine feederhouse

The center feed drum is designed for efficient, consistent feeding of the crop into the combine feederhouse. A feature for 700D Draper Platforms is a feed drum retractable auger finger to improve crop feeding at the corners of the feed drum. 


Feature benefit:

  • 406-mm (16-in.) diameter feed drum significantly improves feeding of the crop into the combine feederhouse
  • Strategic location improves crop handling and capacity, increasing productivity in high-volume crops such as irrigated wheat, barley, or canola
  • Combine performance is improved due to retractable fingers that enable smoother feeding
  • Capacity increase in tough conditions by 20 percent due to an upgraded center feed section slip clutch
Center feed drum Center feed drum
Feed drum retractable auger finger Feed drum retractable auger finger



The feed drum protrudes forward from the draper back sheets, improving the crop handoff from the draper side belts. An increase in slip clutch torque of the center feed drum from 1200 Nm to 1650 Nm allows for increased capacity in tough crop conditions


In some crop conditions, crop can hesitate at the corners of the feed drum but the retractable drum fingers keep the crop moving into the combine.

Dual-knife drive system is timed

Cutterbar epicyclical gearcase Cutterbar epicyclical gearcase
Knife drive shaft Knife drive shaft

The unique dual-knife drive system is timed, creating the smoothest-possible reciprocating knife-drive system currently in the industry. The positive, reliable shaft-driven dual epicyclical in-line knife drives with built-in driveline protection, provide operators with the strongest knife-drive system.



Type Straight line knife drive system
Length 7.8 m
25.5 ft
Knife drive Base single, optional dual knife (combine use only)
Base dual knife (SPW only or SPW/combine combination use)
Knife speed 490 cycles/min
1,040 spm
Cutterbar tilt Base Hydraulic, 9 degrees tilt maximum

Pickup reel

Number of slats 6 bat poly base
8 bat steel optional (for forage conditions)
Fingers Nylon (steel optional, typically used in rice or forage conditions)
Diameter 1,067 mm
42 in.
For rice or forage conditions 1,371 mm
54 in.
Height control Hydraulic
Speed control Hydraulic
Reel lift Cylinder stroke 330 mm
13 in.
Total range 391.5 mm
15.4 in.
Reel fore and aft Cylinder stroke 359 mm
14.1 in.
Total range 620 mm
24.4 in.
Reel resume Base
Reel reverse Base
Operating speeds 6-54 rpm
Operating speeds (54-in. reel) 5-44 rpm

Slat reel

Number of slats
Height control
Speed control
Operating speeds

Draper belts

Width 0.7 L
24 oz
rubber coated polyester with V-Guide tracking
Side belts 1,016 mm
40 in.
Center belts 1,397 mm
55 in.
Center belt not included with SPW configuration
Clean height 25.4 mm
1 in.
Operating speed Side belts: variable up to 223 m/min
735 fpm
Center belts: 212 m/min
695 fpm
Center belt not included with SPW configuration
Speed control Hydraulic from cab
Center belt reverse Base; Center belt not included with SPW configuration

Feed drum

Diameter 406 mm
16 in.
Feed drum not included with SPW configuration
Feed drum fingers Steel heavy-duty round 16 mm (0.625 in) diameter with breakaway notch and retainer
Number of fingers 18
Auger finger platform Dual chevron, retracting
Finger reach 152 mm
6 in.
Drum/auger reverse Base
Operating speed 195 rpm
Center clean out door Base

Header height sensing

Type Electro-hydraulic base
Header height sensing on the ground Base
Header height sensing off the ground

Auxiliary top auger

Type Optional hydraulic drive


Platform length 8.5 m
27.9 ft
Overall operating depth 2.4 m
7.9 ft
Transport width, field position 8.1 m
26.5 ft
Transport width on wheel, less dividers
Transport length, hitch extended


Approximate weight (slat reel)
Approximate weight (pickup reel) Combine only 2,884 kg
6,359 lb
SPW only 2,284 kg
5,036 lb
Approximate weight (with transport)
Approximate weight (optional 54-in. reel) Combine only 2,974 kg
6,556 lb
SPW only 2,374 kg
5,234 lb

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