9009A TerrainCut™ Rough Mower

9009A TerrainCut™ Rough Mower


  • Five, 27-in. independent rotary decks with a 9-foot cutting width
  • Deep shell deck design with exclusive rear discharge chute
  • No-tool notch system for easy height-of-cut adjustments
  • LoadMatch™ for excellent climbing and cut quality
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Type Direct Inject Turbocharged Diesel B20 compliant
Compliant emission regulation United States/Canada Final Tier 4
Horsepower Maximum rated horsepower
41.1 @ 2800 rpm ISOC kW
55.1 @ 2800 rpm ISOC hp
Cylinders Four
Displacement 2.091 L
127.6 cu in.
Air cleaner 2-stage dry element
Fuel Diesel
Cooling system Liquid centrifugal pump; forward machine location for optimum cooling


Traction drive eHydro? servo controlled hydraulic traction pump provides flow to All-wheel-drive GRIP system; GRIP traction provides hydraulic flow between front and opposite rear wheel for increased traction to reduce 'high side tire slippage
Drive pump Tandem gear pump
Cutting units drive Direct-coupled hydraulic gear motor
Hydraulic system capacity 45.4 L
12 U.S. gal.
Fuel tank capacity 60.6 L
16 U.S. gal.
Steering Hydraulic power with dual rod, double acting steering cylinder
Front drive tires 20x12-10 4PR Turf
Steering tires 26.5x14-12 6PR Ultra Trac
Ground pressure 82.7 - 124 kPa
12 - 18 psi
Brakes Internal hydraulic wet disc brakes with dynamic braking through closed loop hydrostatic system
ROPS Standard, meets ISO 21299 standards

Operating weight

Cutting units lowered 1814.37 kg with decks up
4000 lb. with decks up


Throttle No throttle lever; Automatic controls with AutoPedal foot controls; manual control through TechControl display
Forward/reverse 2-pedal
Mower lift One-touch single handle
Parking brake Electric Switch on Command Arm for Internal Wet Disk Brakes
Seat Air Ride Suspension seat with seat belts and arm rest; fore/aft adjustment; weight and lumbar adjustment
PTO Electric Switch on Command Arm for quick and easy transition from mow to transport
Ignition Key Switch on Command Arm
Work lights 3 standard work lights in front
Tilt steering Left Foot operated for easy adjustment
Operator display TechControl Display: Located on Command Arm; displays machine warnings, on-board electrical diagnostics; service timers on large easy to read screen; quick on the go settings for mow and transport speed; Turn Speed; LoadMatch? and ON/OFF Weight Transfer and Cruise Control Use selection:; Cutting unit drop rate adjustment; ALL settings are pass code protected
Storage Operator storage located on left side for easy access from operator seat


Height with ROPS 2220 mm
87.4 in.
Length 3393 mm
134 in.
Transport width 2287 mm @ 101.60 mm height of cut
90 in @ 4 in height of cut
Mowing position width 2.74 m; 17.15 cm overlap between front and rear decks
9 Feet; 108 in; 6.75 in. overlap between front and rear decks
Wheelbase 1750 mm
68.9 in.
Ground speed Mowing
0 - 12.8 km/h
0 - 8 mphTransport
0 - 20.12 km/h
0 - 12.5 mphReverse
0 - 6.4 km/h
0 - 5 mph

Cutting Units

Number 5
Size 68.58 cm
27 in.
Total width of cut 2.74 m; 17.15 cm overlap between front and rear decks
9 Feet; 108 in.; 6.75 in. overlap between front and rear decks
Height of cut Construction
single sheet 10-gauge steel stamped deck with front skid plate 1.5 inch (38mm) tall and � inch (12.7mm) thick steel stock welded to the decks edge
1.91 to 10.2 cm; no tool adjustment
.75 - 4 in; no tool adjustment
Frequency of clip (FOC Reels) or Blade tip speed (decks) Rollers
Rear: 7.62 cm
Rear: 3 in.
Front: 12.70 cm
Front: 5 in.
409 m
16,097 fpm
Reel diameter
Bedknife adjustment

Sound levels

Operator ear full engine 90 dBA
Operator ear reduced engine rpm (2300 rpm)
Measuring standard ISO 11201
Attachments installed

Fuel economy

Actual fuel usage will vary depending on course conditions, operation, turf and fuel quality 25% load 3.63 Liters per hour (.96 GPH)
40% Load 5.64 Liters per hour (1.49 GPH)
50% Load 6.85 liters per hour (1.81 GPH )


Type Two-year limited


Type ANSI B71.4-2012.; CE

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