BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills

BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills


  • Optional furrow boots
  • Seed/fertilizer meter drive system
  • Field-installed agitator kits
  • Depth band field conversion kits
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Half-speed drive for fluted feed drills

The half-speed drive reduces the feed shaft speed by one-half, which allows obtaining the very low seed rates required for crops such as rape and sorghum. It also permits higher seed index settings for large seeds such as soybeans. This resulting greater flute exposure reduces seed damage sometimes caused by forcing seeds through the opening between the shutoff and feed cup housing.

Seed/fertilizer meter drive system

BD11 Fertilizer Metering System BD11 Fertilizer Metering System

The seed and fertilizer metering systems are powered by the end wheel. A heavy-duty, high-strength No.40 roller chain provides a positive drive. Spur gears and sprockets are machined to provide a more accurate fit for longer life. Gears can be interchanged for either a slow or fast speed.


Optional furrow boots

Double-disk openers with aluminum boots work well in well-prepared seedbeds and dry soil. Blades bolt on to allow use of a broad range of depth-gauging attachments.

Double-disk openers with cast-iron boots are also available. They are heavier and have greater clearance inside of double disk openers for better performance in wet, sticky soils.


Opener weight

Spring down pressure*

Total penetration force








10.4 kg (23 lb)

11.3 kg (25 lb)

43 kg (95 lb)

21.8 kg (48 lb)

53.5 kg (118 lb)

Cast iron

12.7 kg (28 lb)

11.3 kg (25 lb)

43 kg (95 lb)

24 kg (53 lb)

56.2 kg (124 lb)

*NOTE: The down pressure figures are based on 25.4 mm (1 in.) of push rod showing above spring.