D170 Loader

D170 Loader


  • Compatible with 4M and 4R Series Tractors
  • Rigid mounted with parking kit available
  • Easy maintenance points keeps you on the job
  • 1,760 pounds (800 kg) lift capacity
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End-of-pin lubrication means easy maintenance

Close up of grease fitting Close up of grease fitting
Pivot point grease fitting locations (400X shown) Pivot point grease fitting locations (400X shown)

All pivot points on the loader have grease fittings that are accessible from the side of the loader to make greasing the loader much easier, ensuring that all grease points are more likely to be serviced.  No more searching for grease points that are hard to find.  Removing the grease gun from the grease fitting is not a problem as sufficient radius has been left to allow the grease gun tip to be rotated to the side for removal from the fitting.



Model 4044M, 4049M, 4052M, 4066M and OOS: 4044R, 4049R, 4052R, 4066R
Front tire 25x10-16.5 4PR R4
Rear tire 16.9-24 4PR
Front axle configuration
Wheelbase 73 in.
1850 mm
Pump capacity 10.2 gpm
Rated pressure 2500 psi


Leveling configuration
Bucket used Materials
Bucket weight 238 lb
108 kg
Lift capacity at full height Measured at pivot (U)
2391 lb
1087 kgMeasured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (V)
1760 lb
800 kg
Lift capacity at 59 in. (1500 mm) Measured at pivot (W)
2875 lb
1307 kgMeasured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (X)
2295 lb
1043 kg
Boom breakout force Measured at pivot (Y)
3853 lbf
1743.7 kgfMeasured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (Z)
2902 lbf
1315.4 kgf
Bucket rollback force capacity At maximum height (VV)
4112 lbf
1866.1 kgfAt 59-in. (1500-mm) lift height (XX)
5191 lbf
2355.1 kgfAt ground-level line (ZZ)
3487 lbf
1580.6 kgf
Dimensions Maximum lift height (A)
112.1 in.
2850 mmAt full height - bucket level(B)
104.1 in.
2646 mmAt full height - bucket dumped (C)
90.4 in.
2298 mm
Overall length (I+F), ft (m) 11.5 ft
3.522 m
Overall height in carry position (J) 4.94 ft
1.5 m
Digging depth (H) -5.7 in.
-146 mm
Reach At maximum height (D)
27.7 in.
705 mmAt ground level - bucket level (F)
65.8 in.
1672 mm
Bucket angle Dump angle, degrees (E)
42 degree (angle)Rollback angle, degrees (G)
28.6 degree (angle)Dump angle, ground
128.2 degree (angle)
Cycle times Loader raise, seconds
4.26 secondsLoader lower, seconds
3.13 secondsBucket dump, seconds
3.14 secondsBucket rollback, seconds
2.42 seconds

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