DN485 New Leader Dry Spinner Spreader

DN485 New Leader Dry Spinner Spreader


  • In as few as 4 hours, convert your self-propelled sprayer into a 3-season applicator
  • Spread up to 10 tons of fertilizer, with spread widths up to 105-feet wide – 25% to 50% wider than leading competitors
  • Apply two products simultaneously at predetermined or variable rates, reducing time in the field, compaction, and fuel
  • DN485 (300 cu ft. capacity) for R4045 Sprayer
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Wide spread widths are available with the DN485


Spread width up to 32 m (105 ft) can be achieved with the DN485.

The DN485 provides up to 32-m (105-ft) spread widths and the adjustable spinner assembly allows for quick, accurate settings during variable-rate applications, broadcasting materials farther and wider with consistent spread patterns, and producing industry-leading productivity.

Depending on product, a F4365 with 1.38-m (54-in.) spinner height, can achieve spread widths from 18.92 to 27.43 m (60 to 90 ft), but with the increased clearance of 1.74 m (68 in.) the 4 Series Dry Spinner Spreader can achieve spread widths from 21 to 32 m (70 to 105 ft), Added spread width increases the number of acres per day and decreases the number of passes, which also reduces fuel costs and compaction.

Additionally, by combining the John Deere R4045 Dry Spinner Spreader chassis and the New Leader® Dry Spinner Spreader, operators have the ability to maintain spread widths even when rpms are reduced. John Deere's pressure-and-flow-compensated hydraulics allows operators to maintain spinner speed throughout each pass, while maintaining consistent spread width and pattern. This added height allows a greater trajectory at a lower spinner speed and has the ability for later season applications.

NOTE: With differences in fertilizer density, size, and crush strength a spread pattern test is the only way to measure a product's true spread width and pattern.

By maintaining spread width, operators can consistently place product throughout the fields and prevent bottlenecking of product at row end. A full spread pattern and reducing overlap through integrated technologies, such as AutoTrac™ assisted steering and John Deere Section Control, the 4 Series Dry Spinner Spreader will allow for full product coverage while reducing input costs from overlap.

New Leader is a trademark of Highway Equipment Company.

The DN485 is designed to be MultApplier ready

DN485 MultApplier ready DN485 MultApplier ready
DN485 MultApplier insert DN485 MultApplier insert

The optional 304 stainless-steel MultApplier insert provides machine flexibility as it can be ordered factory installed or field installed for dual product application. Bolt-in end gates and stainless-steel fittings make converting from a dual product to a single product dry spinner spreader easy. The MultApplier insert has a Bin 2 stuck capacity of 3.0 m³ (106 cu ft) offsetting the capacity of Bin 1 to 4.59 m³ (162 cu ft).

The dual hopper system features two independent conveyors that can simultaneously apply up to two products at predetermined rates or variable rate application with swath widths up to 25 m (84 ft), decreasing time in the field, soil compaction, fuel consumption, and increasing return on investment.