F25R Planetary Gear Drive

F25R Planetary Gear Drive


  • Drive type: speed reducer
  • Output torque: 33,895 Nm (25,000 lb-ft)
  • Max input speed: 2800 rpm
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Input power (max) 71 kW (95 hp)
Input speed (max) 2800 rpm2
Output torque (intermittent) 33,895 Nm (25,000 lb-ft)
Output torque (continuous) 18,710 Nm (13,800 lb-ft)
1 Actual ratio is dependent on the drive configuration.
2 Max input speed related to ratio and max output speed
3 Max radial load placed at optimum load position
4 Weight varies with configuration and ratio selected
5 Requires tapered roller planet bearings (not available with all ratios)

General data

Approximate dry weight 215 - 263 kg (475 - 580 lb)4
Radial load (max) 28,570 kg (63,000 lb)3
Drive type Speed reducer
Hydraulic motor input SAE C or D

Gear ratios

Ratio range 5.0-54.6:11