Gen 4 CommandCenter™ Premium Activation

Gen 4 CommandCenter™ Premium Activation


  • Activation lets you control machine function and precision ag applications from one display in the cab.
  • Redesigned, easy-to-use interface features shortcut bar for entering and reviewing information quickly.
  • With JDLink Connect, data is automatically sent to John Deere Operations Center.
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Enable tractor- Implement communication through AEF ISOBUS TC SC compatibility

The Generation 4 CommandCenter™ is an AEF ISOBUS compatible display.


An easy plug and play between implements, displays, tractors and other products is required today in daily business. This is why within agriculture and forestry an industry standard, ISOBUS, is used for communication between these products.


From the ag industry, the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) was initiated in 2008 to have a common forum among manufacturers to define the ISOBUS standard further, define and conduct ISOBUS tests, accelerate adoption, label compatible products, and to communicate this to dealers and customers. John Deere is one of the seven founding members AEF and very engaged in the organization.


To better ensure ISOBUS compatibility, the AEF developed new functionalities, i.e., auxiliaries (AUX) and Task Controller Section Control (TC-SC,) in addition to the well-known universal terminal (UT). They are also the basis for the certification of ISOBUS products. An ISOBUS functionality can be described as an independent ISOBUS product and the concept is extendable for later additions of functionalities.


Gen 4 CommandCenter supports the following ISOBUS features:

4100 CommandCenter and 4600 CommandCenter

  • Universal Terminal (UT)
    -> ISOBUS sprayer, seeder, planter, fertilizer spreader, manure applicator, and many other implements can be operated through the UT functionality.

4600 CommandCenter only:

  • Task Controller Section Control (TC-SC)
    -> With TC-SC, ISOBUS compliant implements like sprayers, seeders, planters, fertilizer spreaders, and manure tankers can be used with automatic Section Control.

  • Task Controller Basic (TC-Bas)
    -> With TC-Bas, documentation with ISOBUS compliant implements in the standard data format of ISOXML is possible. Also totals like area, amount etc. are recorded directly from the implement.
Gen 4 system page includes info on ISOBUS compatibility Gen 4 system page includes info on ISOBUS compatibility
Individual ISOBUS features with details are highlighted Individual ISOBUS features with details are highlighted

To stay up to speed on which implement and product complies with which ISOBUS features, please visit the AEF website and sign up for the database. It combines tractor, sprayer, and display combination to determine compatibility.

Sign up and log in page to the AEF database – user is able to create an account and check on compatibility for products. Sign up and log in page to the AEF database – user is able to create an account and check on compatibility for products.

Increase efficiency with Wireless Data Transfer (WDT)

John Deere WDT helps producers save time, money, and increase productivity through telematically enabled data transfer via JDLink™ Connect wireless telematics. Wirelessly transfer setup, prescription, and documentation files securely between office, mobile devices, and 4600 CommandCenter™ Display, eliminating the need for USB transfer. This increases customer uptime and productivity, reducing the risk of data loss, and enabling easy data sharing and more timely decision making.


Through the John Deere Operations Center, producers are in control and can easily share files with a John Deere dealer and other trusted advisers.


Producers can send data wirelessly to the John Deere Operations Center; data is available to view in field analyzer after a field has been completed, new work has started or half hour after field work has been stopped. Producers have the opportunity to analyze data from completed fields or view where field work is in process , making it easier for producers to make operational decisions. Data is available to analyze from any Internet-connected device to make important production decisions and give operations the ability to invoice work recently completed.


Setup files and prescriptions can be transferred from the Operations Center to 4600 CommandCenter anytime, wirelessly, eliminating trips to the machines’ locations and allowing for more timely completion of field operations. Modified setup files and prescriptions will not overwrite files currently on Gen 4 CommandCenter, only modified information will be added within the setup file.

Requirements for WDT
  1. JDLink Connect subscription
  2. CommandCenter Premium activation
  3. Organization set up in the John Deere Operations Center
  4. Modular telematics gateway (MTG) connection

Compatibility for Generation 4 Premium activation

The Gen 4 Premium activation leverages the 4600 CommandCenter™ display’s ease of use to improve operational productivity.


The Gen 4 Premium activation is only compatible with the John Deere 4600 CommandCenter; is machine specific and stays with the machine throughout for life. The Generation 4 Display is compatible with one AEF-certified ISOBUS implement; all AEF-certified ISOBUS implements with Task Controller Section Control functionality and AEF certification for TC-SC: sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, planters, seeders, manure applicators, etc. For third party FMIS compatibility reference the John Deere Operations Center.

Gen 4 Premium activation is compatible with the following configurations:

Machines Machine model year
John Deere large ag tractors  
9R/9RT Series 2015 and newer
8R/8RT Series Mid-2014 and newer
7R Series 2014 and newer
6R Series 2015 and newer
John Deere Nutrient Applicators  
F4365 High Capacity 2017 and newer


Equipment/task controller Model year/controller name Software version
John Deere planters*    
SeedStar™ 2 system Black PM1 22.00 or higher
Black PA1, (if available PA 2) 22.00 or higher
SeedStar XP Black PM1 22.00 or higher
Black PA1, (if available PA 2) 22.00 or higher
PM2 7.00 or higher
SeedStar 3HP Planter main A (PCMA) 3.00 or higher
Planter main B (PCMB or MMC) 5.00 or higher
Row-unit controller (RUC) 8.00 or higher
John Deere air seeding    
1910 Air Cart    
Ground drive 2009 and newer 3.00 or higher

Hydraulic drive (One section)

2013-2014 5.05 or higher
Hydraulic drive (SectionCommand) 2015 and newer 5.01 or higher
Seeding tools with air run blockage 2009 and newer 10.01 or higher
1990 CCS 2009 and newer 10.03 or higher
John Deere tillage    
AccuDepth™ depth control   11 and newer
TruSet™ system   1.55B and newer
John Deere balers    
Baler automation   7.16 and newer


AMS controller Controller name Software version
StarFire receivers    
StarFire 6000   Compatible
StarFire 3000   Compatible
Modular Telematics Gateway    
3G   16.01 or higher
4G LTE   21.01.000 or higher
GreenStar™ Rate Controller*   3.05A or later
John Deere Rate Controller 2000*   1.05U or later
Active Implement Guidance Application 1100 2.71L or later
iGrade™ leveling system* Application 1100 2.71L or later
Wireless Data Server apps Wireless Data Server 1.344.1
Command mobile app V2.1.0 (35)


*See additional information below

John Deere planters

The SeedStar™ 2 configuration above is available only on factory installed on model year 2011 and newer planters, and may be field installed on model year 2009-10. Green PM/PA controllers (factory installed on model year 2009-10 planters) are not supported with a Gen 4 CommandCenter™ display.


A John Deere dealer, utilizing Service ADVISOR™ diagnostics system, is needed to update SeedStar 2, XP, and 3HP software.


John Deere air seeders –

The C850 Air Cart requires Generation 4 CommandCenter. GreenStar™ 3 2630 monitors are not supported.


StarFire™ receivers –

New with SU2017-1, StarFire Receivers can be updated via USB port on the Gen 4 CommandCenter. StarFire receivers can also still be updated through Remote Software Updates application (in ISOBUS VT app), a GreenStar™ display, or Service ADVISOR (John Deere dealers only). StarFire 6000 Receivers can also be updated through the USB port on the receiver; navigate to the receiver pages on the display to complete the update.


JDLink™ wireless system –

To use Remote Display Access (RDA) on a Gen 4 CommandCenter with GreenStar 3 2630 Display connected in the same machine, GS3 2630 software version 3.22.1095 (SU2014-1) or higher is required.


An active JDLink™ Ultimate + WDT + RDA or JDLink Connect subscription, and a CommandCenter Premium activation are required to wirelessly transfer files. [4600 CommandCenter only]


GreenStar Rate Controller and GreenStar Rate Controller Dry –

Gen 4 CommandCenter now supports up to five GreenStar Rate Controllers for use in liquid application.


To update the GreenStar Rate Controller, utilize 4600 CommandCenter USB port or use a GreenStar 2 or 3 Display, or John Deere dealers can utilize Service ADVISOR. GreenStar Rate Controller Dry is not supported with the Gen 4 CommandCenter at this time, and may cause performance issues.


John Deere Rate Controller 2000* –

The 4600 CommandCenter supports documentation of up to 4 operations from John Deere Rate Controller 2000. It is important to note that John Deere Rate Controller 2000 can control up to 5 operations and may be used for liquid or dry application.


John Deere Rate Controller 2000 must be the primary controller on a Gen 4 CommandCenter. Multiple product application control is supported with the John Deere Rate Controller 2000; not to be used in conjunction with other implement control units.


iGrade –

iGrade compatibility with Gen 4 CommandCenter has not been tested with third party control software.


ISOBUS implements –

A software update performed by an authorized ISOBUS implement dealer may be required to obtain compatible software. ISOBUS Implements must be certified through the AEF Organization to be recognized by the Gen 4 CommandCenter. Visit for more information; visit for an active list of compatible implements.


Dual-display mode

  • CommandCenter displays can be used with GreenStar 3 2630 and GreenStar 2 1800 Displays.
  • When in dual-display mode, AutoTrac, Section Control, and documentation must be run on one display.
  • Gen 4 activations cannot be shared between two different displays.


  • CommandCenter Premium activation and the CommandCenter AutoTrac to Premium upgrade are not available with the John Deere 4100 CommandCenter.
  • CommandCenter Premium activation as-applied data is only compatible with the Operations Center.
  • CommandCenter Premium activation is machine specific and cannot be transferred to a different machine.
  • If not using WDT, a 4-GB USB is required to transfer data to and from the Generation 4 CommandCenter.
  • Implement settings are display specific and cannot be imported or exported from the Generation 4 Display.