HMD18000 Hydrostatic Transmission

HMD18000 Hydrostatic Transmission


  • Max input power: 149 kW (200 hp)
  • Max input torque: 949 Nm (700 lb-ft)
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Input power (max) 149 kW (200 hp)
Input torque (max) 949 Nm (700 lb-ft)
Input no load speed (max) 4000 rpm*
*Depending on ratio

General Data

Motor adapters SAE C and D
Approximate dry weight 161 kg (356 lb)
Oil capacity 8.8 L (8 qt)
Oil type J2OC or MIL-L-2105-C or API classification GL-5
Speeds 2
Configuration Drop
183 mm (11.15 in)
Shift Options Hydraulic, Mechanical

Gear ratio (helical gears, sliding collar shift)

Low High
4.140 1.613
7.421 1.905
Input SAE 14-tooth 12/24 DP
SAE 13-tooth 8/16 DP
Parking break Disc-type
Output Fittings 6C, 7C yokes or companion flanges
Applications Dozing machines, motor graders, railway vehicles, sweepers, pavers, and virtually any equipment requiring controlled travel speed