• Surface Water Pro™ Plus automation functionality
  • Perform land-leveling activities easily
  • Control grade based on distance
  • Enable hydraulic tasks based on distance
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Utilize many of the same John Deere components already owned

An iGrade™ leveling system activation works with many of the different John Deere Ag Management Solutions (AMS) components that producers may already own such as:       

  • GreenStar™ 3 (GS3) 2630 Display
  • GreenStar 2 (GS2) 2600 Display
  • StarFire™ 3000 Receiver or StarFire 6000 Receiver
  • AutoTrac™ assisted steering system
  • Surface Water Pro™ Plus software

NOTE: See this link for further StarFire 6000 compatibility information.

iGrade is approved for the following platforms:

  • 9xxx, 8xxx, 8R, and 9R Series Wheel Tractors
  • 8xxx and 8R Series Track Tractors
  • Any selective control valve (SCV) operated water management implement approved for the above John Deere tractors


iGrade requires the receiver to have an RTK signal level. iGrade does not support WAAS, EGNOS, SF1, SF2, or SF3 signal levels.


The John Deere Application Controller is required for iGrade activation.

Spend more time operating and less time moving laser components

Leave the frustrations of a laser system’s setup and maximum operating range behind. iGrade™ leveling system is a global positioning system (GPS) based water management system that can be used up to 2 km (1.2 miles) from an RTK base station.  


iGrade’s performance is not affected by factors that traditionally impact lasers such as dust, wind, and operating at night. This allows more work to be done without the hassle of moving base stations or waiting for outside conditions to improve.


iGrade is not intended for precise, finish-grading applications. While users may experience sub-inch grading performance, environmental variations could cause vertical accuracy to vary up to +/- 5 cm (2 in.) from pass to pass. Click here to learn more about StarFire receiver vertical accuracy.

Eliminate manual adjustments

An iGrade™ leveling system activation (requires Application Controller) reduces operator fatigue by automatically controlling the height of the scraper blade in water management applications. Manual adjustments are no longer needed.

iGrade teams up with the Application Controller to constantly keep the scraper on grade, allowing the operator to spend more time focusing on the machinery and task.

Minimize earthmoving costs with cut-fill maps

Cut-fill maps Cut-fill maps

Cut-fill maps allow producers to create desired contours by moving the least amount of earth. Cut-fill maps provide best-fit or multi-fit plane designs. Beyond land leveling, this solution can be used for infrastructure design of surface drainage, contours, and terraces.


iGrade™ leveling system offers cut-fill maps when teamed up with additional software and hardware. Learn more about iGrade and cut-fill maps from a local John Deere dealer.