TC125 Turf Collection System

TC125 Turf Collection System


  • Ideal for collecting cores, leaves, clippings, thatch & other types of debris
  • Cleans average green in 15 minutes
  • Hydraulically driven brush system
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Summary of features

Roller adjustment gauge and brush motor Roller adjustment gauge and brush motor

The TC125 has a dumping height of 49 in. (124.5 cm) and is equipped with a hydraulic lift cylinder allowing debris to be easily emptied into the cargo box of a heavy-duty utility vehicle.

The hydraulically driven brush system is simple to operate and maintain, and it eliminates the need for an additional power source. A full-width roller can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of turf conditions and brush wear.

For consistent travel speed and pickup performance, the TCB10015 speed control kit is available as an attachment for field conversion for use on the 4000 Series Compact Utility Tractors. The BM19955 throttle/governor control kit is available for ProGator™ Heavy-Duty Utility Vehicles.



Vehicle requirements Powered by either a compact utility tractor or HDUV with a Selective Control Valve (SCV). Hydraulic requirements: 23 L/min
6 gpm
Minimum continuous: 13.8 MPa
2,000 psi
Gathering width 121.9 cm
48 in.
Hopper capacity 0.71 m3
25 cu ft
Hitch Attaches with standard hitch pin: 19 mm
0.75 in.
Offset towing feature Allows the unit to be towed directly behind or offset to the left side of the vehicle. Easily performed while operator remains seated.
Hydraulic collection 3 quick-disconnect couplers (2 rotary brush, 1 lift cylinder)
Lift Hydraulic powered lift cylinder for dumping
Pick-Up system Hydraulic powered rotary brush
Brush speed Direct drive hydraulic motor: 500-600 rpm
Rollers Brush aggressiveness and flotation is controlled by a 6-in (15.24 cm) diameter full width roller directly behind the rotary brush. The roller height can be adjusted to accommodate the turf conditions and degree of brush wear.
Productivity Clears an average green in 15 minutes
Tires 26.5x14-12
Dimensions Height
Lowered: 162.5 cm
64 in.
raised: 368 cm
145 in.Length
350.5 cm
138 in.Width
238.7 cm
94 in.Weight
578 kg
1250 lb
Dump height clearance 120 cm
49 in.

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