W235 Windrower

W235 Windrower


  • Integrated AutoTrac™ delivers faster cutting speeds while maintaining crop quality.
  • On the rotary unit, Constant Header Speed allows you to set and maintain the best header speed for the crop and conditions, regardless of ground or engine speed.
  • The W235 is JDLink enabled. You or your dealer can remotely monitor the machine to ensure optimal operation and keep tabs on routine maintenance.
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Efficient cooling packages control engine and oil temperatures

Radiator screen assembly Radiator screen assembly

The W200 Series features several improvements over previous designs to keep the engine operating at optimal levels and improving engine life. Design features include:

  • Increased screen area of 19 percent provides more air flow through the cooling package than previous models.
  • Smooth, rounded path inside the wand and ducts keeps debris from slowing and plugging.
  • Air lab engineered and field-tested ducting sized for air velocity and continual removal of debris.
  • Wand backer plate helps stop debris from being sucked against the screen from the cooling fan for better cleaning performance.
  • Cool air intake draws air from above chassis minimizing debris intake to cooling package.
  • Stamped metal rear screen provides easier cleaning.
  • Air-conditioner condenser and oil cooler assembly swing out for easy serviceability and cleaning
Oil cooler and air-conditioner assembly Oil cooler and air-conditioner assembly

The W200 Series are tested in tough conditions of over 100°F to ensure the drives stay properly cooled for maximum life and reliability. The 94.5-L (25-gal) oil reservoir supplies oil to the pumps. Oil is cooled as it passes through the combination oil cooler and air-conditioner condenser assembly at the rear of the machine. 


Live monitoring of the hydraulic oil temp at the left- and right-drive motors and reservoir limit switch protects against overheating during drive motor stall or high-grade terrain conditions.

Variable speed fan drive Variable speed fan drive

The newly designed, eight-blade cooling fan incorporates a viscous drive system providing precise control over fan speed during operation. Optimization of the viscous fan speed leads to significant reductions in parasitic losses in certain operating conditions. 


The fan speed is controlled by various factors such as engine coolant temperature, intake manifold air temperature, or hydraulic oil temperature. This level of control allows the fan to operate only at the required speed to keep the engine and cooling package at optimal operating temperature and thus reduces engine noise levels.

Flexible cab options

W200 Series cab W200 Series cab

The W200 Series Self-Propelled Windrowers feature the largest cab in their class, designed to maximize operator comfort and machine productivity for long harvest days. The W200 Series’ four distinct cab options provide flexibility in matching the right features for every operation.

All configurations come standard with the following:

  • JDLink™ system enabled
  • AutoTrac™ assisted steering system ready
  • 12 percent light-tinted rear window
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Business-band ready
  • Interior rear view mirror
  • Two halogen rear work lights

Choose from a variety of options the economy, standard, premium, and ultimate cab packages offer in terms of external lighting and mirrors, windshield wiper, sun shades, operator seat, upholstery, storage, refrigerator, radio, steering column, CommandARM™ controls, and display. 

Economy cab
See below for image captions See below for image captions
  1. Radio ready
  2. Six halogen front lights
  3. Single-blade windshield wiper
  4. Premium storage, upholstery, and styling
  5. Two manual, foldable cab-mounted exterior mirrors (not illustrated)
  6. Single-tilt steering column with telescoping controls (not illustrated)
  7. 18-cm (7-in.) GreenStar™ 3 (GS3) CommandCenter™ display (non touch) (not illustrated)
  8. Standard seat with air suspension, swivel, fore-aft attenuation (not illustrated)
Standard cab
See below for image captions See below for image captions
Footrests Footrests
  1. Standard AM/FM/WB/CD radio
  2. Eight halogen front lights
  3. Dual-blade windshield wiper
  4. Premium storage, upholstery, and styling
  5. Two powered, foldable cab-mounted exterior mirrors (not illustrated)
  6. Dual-tilt steering column with telescoping controls (not illustrated)
  7. Footrests
  8. 18-cm (7-in.) GS3 CommandCenter display (touch) (not illustrated)
  9. Premium seat with lateral attenuation and a low-frequency suspension (not illustrated)
Premium cab
See below for image captions See below for image captions
Footrests Footrests
  1. Premium AM/FM/WB/XM/Bluetooth® radio with subwoofer and armrest controls
  2. Four halogen and four light-emitting diode (LED) front lights
  3. Dual-blade windshield wiper
  4. Premium storage, upholstery, and styling
  5. Two powered, foldable cab-mounted exterior mirrors - (not illustrated)
  6. Dual-tilt steering column with telescoping controls - (not illustrated)
  7. Footrests
  8. 18-cm (7-in.) GS3 CommandCenter display (touch) – (not illustrated)
  9. Premium seat with lateral attenuation and a low frequency suspension - (not illustrated)
  10. Front and rear sunshade
  11. Active refrigerator
Ultimate cab
See below for image captions See below for image captions
Footrests Footrests
  1. Premium AM/FM/WB/XM/Bluetooth radio with subwoofer and armrest controls
  2. Four halogen and four LED front lights
  3. Dual-blade windshield wiper
  4. Ultimate storage, upholstery, and styling
  5. Two powered, foldable cab-mounted exterior mirrors (not illustrated)
  6. Dual-tilt steering column with telescoping controls (not illustrated)
  7. 26-cm (10-in.) GS3 2630 display on the CommandARM (not illustrated)
  8. Premium seat with lateral attenuation and a low frequency suspension (not illustrated)
  9. Front and rear sunshade
  10. Active refrigerator
  11. Footrests

 For a summary of all cab features, reference figure below:


Economy cab

Standard cab

Premium cab

Ultimate cab

Standard features

JDLink enabled










12 percent LT tinted rear window





Automatic temperature control





Business band ready





Interior rear view mirror





Two rear halogen work lights





Package options



Standard AM/FM/WB/CD radio  


Premium AM/FM/WB/XM/Bluetooth radio  




Armrest display        
18 cm-(7-in.) GS3 CommandCenter (non-touch)


18 cm-(7-in.) GS3 CommandCenter (touch)  



26-cm (10-in.) GS3 2630 on CommandARM      








Steering column        
Single-tilt with telescoping controls


Dual-tilt with telescoping controls  








Operator footrests  




Upholstery, storage, and styling        






Exterior lighting        
Six halogen front lights


Eight halogen front lights  


Four halogen and four LED front lights    



Exterior mirrors        
Two manual, foldable cab-mounted



Two powered, foldable cab-mounted    



Windshield wipers        







Front sunshade    



Rear sunshade  




Active refrigerator    





Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG Incorporated.

Maximize productivity with integrated AutoTrac™ assisted steering system

W235 Windrower with 500R Platform W235 Windrower with 500R Platform
W235 Windrower with 500D Platform W235 Windrower with 500D Platform

The W200 Series Self-Propelled Windrowers exhibit the industry’s first fully integrated AutoTrac  without the use of electrohydraulic pumps or universal type add ons. The completely redesigned steering system features the industry’s only steering design, utilizing multiple steering systems to maximize controllability.

Operators will notice the increased accuracy and controllability of integrated AutoTrac compared to the previous AutoTrac Universal system on the R450 and 4995 Windrowers or older models. Additionally, this increased accuracy and controllability allows for faster operating speeds. Integrated AutoTrac on the W200 Series can run up to 27.4 km/h (17 mph) if conditions allow.

A unique hydraulic over mechanical design controls coarse adjustments of the drive pumps and an electrohydraulic proportional rear steering system executes fine adjustments, delivering the most accurate steering system in its class.

W200 Series Self-Propelled Windrowers are John Deere AutoTrac-ready from the factory requiring only a GreenStar™ 3 Display, AutoTrac activation, and StarFire™ receiver to enable. Click here to learn more about required components for AutoTrac on W200 Windrowers. 

AutoTrac ensures more consistency and more of the platform is engaging crop at all times, leading to increased productivity. This adds value to the operation by providing more consistent windrows, longer operating hours, and less fatigue.

Integrated AutoTrac on the W200 Series far outperforms previous windrower options delivering faster cutting speeds and more acres cut in less time.

Improved cut quality with independent platform float suspension

Uneven cutting surfaces such as irrigation berms and pivot wheel tracks make for challenging cutting. The W200 Series Windrowers feature independent platform float suspension to improve cut quality on non level cutting surfaces and deliver improved performance.

Improved flotation on non-level surface

The independent float suspension delivers improved cut quality along irrigation berms and pivot tracks.


Adjusting the float suspension independently allows the platform to ride on the raised surface with proper flotation, reducing gouging and dirt buildup on platform. Less dirt buildup means increased uptime and less dirt in the windrow, delivering higher quality hay and forage.

Quick, simple adjustment
Independent float adjustment Independent float adjustment

Adjusting the float pressure can be done quickly and easily right from the multi-function control handle. Simply tap the left quad function to select the left, center (left and right simultaneously), or right float pressure adjustment. Increasing or decreasing float pressure can be done with the left quad or from the GS3 CommandCenter™ display.


Quick, on-the-go adjustment translates to more time spent cutting and less time and stress on the operator to make adjustments to the float pressure.


John Deere value:



Cost of operation

  • Improved cut quality on non level surfaces
  • Quick, simple adjustment of platform flotation right from the multifunction control handle
  • Less dirt buildup on platform
  • Reduced gouging on berms means less dirt in windrow and higher quality crop

Optimize machine settings with CommandARM™ controls and CommandCenter™ Display

CommandARM CommandARM

The CommandARM provides the operator with unmatched control of the windrower and platform. Controls are designed and positioned to enhance operator ergonomics and are easy to locate and use. Operators will appreciate the common look and feel of these control consoles in the windrowers, which are similar to the design used in John Deere tractors and combines. 


Adjustment of the CommandARM meets the needs of every operator; adjusting at an angle, fore and aft, and up and down for precise operator comfort.


The CommandARM provides access to most frequently used windrower controls:

  • Field/road speed range
  • Throttle: low idle, variable idle, high idle
  • Platform engage/disengage
  • Float adjust
  • Platform speed adjustments
  • Windrow merger speed, raise, lower (if equipped)
  • Road hazard engage/disengage
  • GreenStar™ 3 (GS3) CommandCenter display navigation
  • Display menu shortcut buttons
  • Climate control switches
  • Work light switches
  • Beacon light switches
  • Hazard light switch
  • Remote audio and radio tuning switches
Multi-function control lever

The controls vital to the operation of the W200 Series Windrowers are conveniently located on the multi-function control lever.
The ergonomic multi-function control lever gives the operator fingertip control of the following functions:


Rotary traction unit

Draper traction unit

A Platform float suspension adjustment, windrow merger position control Reel raise/lower for/aft adjustment
B Platform presets  
  Preset 1: Full platform raise Preset 1: Platform height, reel, tilt raise position
  Preset 2: Platform lower, AutoTrac™ engage Preset 2: Platform AHC resume, AutoTrac engage
  Preset 3: Toggle between two platform speed setpoints Preset 3: Platform AHC resume
C AutoTrac resume (double tap to center track guidance line) AutoTrac resume (double tap to center track guidance line)
D Increase/decrease platform speed setpoint Increase/decrease reel speed setpoint
E Windrow merger enable/disable Reel reverse
F Platform raise/lower and tilt adjustment Platform raise/lower and tilt adjustment

Multi-function control lever Multi-function control lever

The multi-function control lever is also associated with the following functions:

  • Forward/reverse ground speed
  • Automatically disengages the parking brake when moved from the park position with the engine running; the parking brake is automatically engaged when placed in park
  • With platform enabled and on rotary traction units only, automatically raises platform when moved from forward to reverse position to prevent wrapping cut crop into conditioning rolls
GS3 CommandCenter Display
CommandCenter Display CommandCenter Display

The GS3 CommandCenter Display is the central information system on all W200 Series Self-Propelled Windrowers. The GS3 CommandCenter Display provides:

  • Header and diagnostic information vital to operation
  • Adjustment of machine settings
  • Infotainment access (if equipped)
  • Interface to AMS applications and components
  • Access to more machine diagnostic information enhancing serviceability
  • Textual information on diagnostic trouble codes
  • Interface to engine after-treatment system

Based on the choice of cab package, the W200 Series come with either an 18-cm (7-in.) display available in a touch or non touchscreen or a 26-cm (10-in.) touchscreen display.

Primary display unit (PDU)

The PDU features state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation and blends well with the narrow right-hand cab post providing excellent visibility to the header. The PDU is divided into an upper and lower region. The upper region provides traction unit information and the lower region provides platform specific information.

W200 Series Windrower PDU W200 Series Windrower PDU

 Traction unit information provided by the upper region (as seen in above image):

  • (A) Stop, alarm, and information indicators
  • (B) Engine power meter
  • (C) Engine coolant temp
  • (D) Park indicator
  • (E) Turn signals
  • (F) Diesel exhaust fluid gauge
  • (G) Fuel gauge
  • (H) High beam indicator
  • (I) Exhaust filter cleaning indicator
  • (J) Engine rpm
  • (K) Ground speed


Platform specific information provided in the lower region:


Rotary platform

Draper platform

L Platform speed Platform speed
M Float pressure Reel speed
N Selected preset Selected preset


Platform height/preset height indicator



Auto reel speed active



Auto reel position active



Auto height sensing active



Auto tilt resume active



Platform level indicator

Fuel from the ground with ease

Fuel and diesel exhaust fluid fill stations Fuel and diesel exhaust fluid fill stations

The diesel fuel, diesel exhaust fluid fill locations on the W200 Series Self-Propelled Windrowers provide convenient filling from ground level.

Diesel exhaust fluid sight gauge Diesel exhaust fluid sight gauge

The diesel exhaust fluid fill gauge keeps from over filling the tank, causing spills, and preventing damage from freezing and expansion in cold weather.

Remote battery terminal Remote battery terminal

Remote battery terminals, conveniently located on the left-hand platform near the fluid fill, provide power for the 12-V fuel pumps on refueling tanks.

Smoother ride and better control with the IntelliAxle™

The industry-exclusive rear-wheel steer assist system provides added control to the windrowers, enabling higher cutting and transport speeds.
The IntelliAxle also has independent rear suspension, smoothing out the roughest field and road conditions, decreasing operator fatigue during long days in the field.

Independent rear suspension
Independent rear suspension Independent rear suspension

The independent rear suspension contributes to a better quality of ride and less fatigue for the operator. The torsion axle design absorbs the shock experienced in rough terrains, allowing faster cutting speeds.

See rear suspension in action.

Rear-wheel steer assist
Rear-wheel steer assist Rear-wheel steer assist

The rear-wheel steer assist system allows easier, more positive handling in the field as well as on the road during transport. Improved from the 450 series design, the W200 Series feature an electro–hydraulic proportionally controlled rear steering system providing tighter steering and better control at higher speeds.
In-field working speeds up to 16 mph (25.76 km/h) and road speeds up to 21 mph (33.81 km/h) are achieved with the help of this improved axle design.
Smooth, fluent steering helps the operator to maintain complete control of the windrower during sharp turns and aggressive field conditions.  The steering sensitivity can be manually tuned by the operator using the CommandCenter™ display to match operator preference and field conditions.


The steer assist system provides three modes of steering aid as the machines through the speed ranges:

  1. Inactive
    • At speeds less than 4 mph (6.44 km/h), the IntelliAxle steer assist system is not active and the front drive wheels solely control the machine steering.
  2. Field range
    • At speeds above 4 mph (6.44 km/h), the IntelliAxle steering system begins to contribute to steering the machine by hydraulically assisting the turning of the rear caster wheels. The operator can set the desired sensitivity for the field range using the CommandCenter display.
  3. Transport range
    • For transport range, the operator can set a different sensitivity independent from field range. If preferred, this gives the operator increased flexibility in tuning the steering system to desired sensitivity for higher transport speeds.

 Faster field and transport speeds
Faster field and transport speeds are achieved with the increased controllability and stability provided by the rear-wheel steer assist system and independent rear-wheel suspension. The IntelliAxle system, when coupled with the W200 Series integrated AutoTrac™ system, delivers unmatched performance and productivity.

Consistent cutting and windrow formation with constant header speed

Constant header speed Constant header speed

A feature unique to the W200 Series rotary traction unit only, constant header speed, is made possible by a state-of-the-art platform hydraulic pump control system that monitors platform speed and controls the pump to maintain a required speed. Constant header speed translates to a consistent cut quality and uniform windrow formation throughout varying crop conditions and terrain changes.


As crop conditions change, causing the head to slow or if the engine begins to load as terrain changes, the control system diverts more oil flow to the platform drive motor to maintain the header speed set point. This widens the peak power range of the header, delivering the optimal power when it is needed most.


Other advantages of constant header speed include:

  • Ability to run header at slower speeds in lighter crops, translating to less overall fuel consumption
  • Ability to run engine speed under rated rpm and maintain set header speed
  • Improved ramp up and down speeds upon starting and stopping platform, increasing life of header and platform drive train components

Heavy-duty drive pumps and final drives provide power for any terrain

Heavy-duty drive pumps
Heavy-duty drive pumps Heavy-duty drive pumps

The W200 Series Self-Propelled Windrowers feature heavy-duty Sauer-Danfoss® drive pumps, providing flow to larger heavy-duty bent axis wheel drive motors for increased power and higher ground speeds in the field and transport operating range. The pumps and wheel motor housings are made of heavy-duty cast iron for quiet and reliable operation.
Increased engine horsepower, heavy-duty drive pumps, and wheel motors create:

  • More available ground torque for better management of hilly terrain
  • Easier loading of the windrower onto the trailer for transport
  • Provides increased reliability of the hydrostatic components

Servo-controls used on the hydrostatic pumps:

  • Provide excellent control with minimal operator effort for steering or speed control.
  • Hydrostatic drive control lever maintains desired position when operating on hilly terrain
  • Simplifies linkages for added reliability
  • Reduces noise and vibration in the cab
Distribution gearcase Distribution gearcase

The distribution gearcase drives the rotary platform pump and wheel motor pumps. The distribution gearcase is mounted directly to the engine and has a separate oil cooler for cooling.

Heavy-duty final drives
Dual speed wheel motor Dual speed wheel motor
Planetary final drive Planetary final drive

The windrowers use of large, heavy-duty planetary final drives powered by larger displacement motors provide increased torque rating for dependable operation in borders, irrigation wheel tracks, and rough field conditions.

With a final drive gear ratio of 36.8-to-1, the W200 Series Self-Propelled Windrowers have plenty of pulling power for climbing hillsides, loading on trailers, or operating in adverse field conditions.
Planetary final drives can be easily disengaged for towing.

Sauer-Danfoss is a registered trademark of Danfoss A/S.

Better visibility means better harvesting

Forward visibility
Forward visibility Forward visibility

Forward visibility is unequaled with the W200 Series Windrower cab. A large, wide-angle front windshield and cab-centered operator seat provide an unobstructed panoramic perspective from side-to-side and top-to-bottom. Operators can quickly scan the work area without having to look around cab obstructions.


The cab position relative to previous 450 models has been raised slightly and moved forward, providing better visibility of platform and cutterbar.

Side-to-side visibility
Clear view of platform Clear view of platform

Custom-shaped left- and right-windows and narrow cab cornerposts provide nearly 180 degrees of visibility scan in order to monitor all sizes of headers in the field and on the road.


The redesigned cornerpost display, swiveling CommandARM™ display, and the ability to flip up the third display allow increased visibility during road transport.

Tinted rear window

Standard on all cab options, the 12-percent luminous transmittance (LT) tinted rear-window reduces glare and reflection on cab controls, displays, and adjacent windows and helps to regulate cab temperature.



Model 6.8L PVS Final Tier 4
Horsepower At 2,400 rpm: 175 kW
235 hp
No. of cylinders 6
Exhaust direction Vertical
Engine displacement 6.8 L
414 cu in.
Engine speeds Low idle
900 rpmVariable idle
Electronic adjustable from 1,700 to 2,450 rpmHigh idle (no load)
2,450 rpmRated speed
2,400 rpm
Oil crankcase capacity (with filter) 31.4 L
33.2 U.S. qt
Cooling system 49.2 L
52 U.S. qt

Ground drive

Type 2-speed hydrostatic

Hydraulic platform drive

Number of pumps (Rotary/Auger) 1
Number of motors (Rotary/Auger) 1
Pump displacement 89 cm3
5.43 cu in.
Motor displacemen Per revolution: 75.4 cm3
4.6 cu in.

Platform float system

Type Hydraulic piston accumulator

Final drives

Type Planetary double reduction heavy duty
Ratio 36.8:1


Type / Activation Parking brake automatically engages and disengages integrated into hydro handle


Reservoir capacity 94.5 L
25 U.S. gal.


Capacity 625 L
165 U.S. gal.
DEF: 26.5 L
7 U.S. gal.

Electrical system

Alternator 12 V
250 amp
Battery Heavy-duty 12 V


Drive wheel standard 520/80R38 radial bar
Drive wheel option Bias button, 480/80R38 149A8 R1 radial bar (required on 994-4m platform)
Caster wheels 14Lx16.1 8-ply ribbed
Caster wheels option


Low range 24.1 km/h
15 mph
High range 2 speed / Mid range 3 speed 33.8 km/h
21 mph
High range wth 3 speed


Vehicle Large drive tires and suspended rear axle in base
Cab Large drive tires for smooth ride


Construction Uni-body, welded
Glass 7.08 m2
76.2 sq ft
Seat Air suspension, swivel fore-aft attenuation
Steering column Single-tilt telescoping or dual-tilt telescoping
Instructional seat Standard
Windshield wiper Single-blade or dual-blade
Air conditioner Refrigerant
2.7 kg
6 lbFilters
Dry type, reusableCompressor
RotaryOverload protection
Low-pressure and high-pressure cutoff
Standard with automatic temperature control


Front Standard: 6, 8 halogen
Optional: 4 halogen, 4 HID
Side 4 optional
Back 2 halogen standard
HID Optional 4 Front

Display and input

Type Electronic touch and no touch option

Dimensions (with platform installed)

Overall length without platform 5,900 mm
225.5 in.
Overall height 3,760 mm
148 in.
Under frame clearance 1,120 mm
44 in.
Wheelbase 3,400 mm
142 in.
Tread width 3,710 mm
146 in.
Turning radius


Without platform, full fuel
Front axle 4698 kg
10357 lb
Rear axle 2605 kg
5743 lb
Total 7303 kg
16100 lb


Manufacturer's warranty Full machine: 1 year
Engine: 2 year; 2,000 hours

Additional information

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