Off-Season Riding Mower and Tractor Storage Tips

Off-Season Riding Mower and Tractor Storage Tips

Posted on Nov 8, 2019

If you live in a part of the country that’s expecting snow, you may be getting ready to trade out your mowing tools for snow equipment as your turf goes into dormancy and tractor storage comes top of mind.

Or if you’re living in a warmer climate, perhaps you’re just switching to a whole different set of equipment to help you manage the remainder of the year. Whatever the reason for your change in machinery, you’re going to want to store the tools you’ve been relying on for this past season with great care. From the wheels of your tractor down to your mowing deck, mindful tractor storage and preparation makes all the difference in extending the life of your gear.

Whether it’s just for a couple of months or a whole season, here are five important things to do before putting your machinery away. 

Start with a clean slate.

Before you can get into any of the bigger tractor storage maintenance items, you’re going to want to clean your equipment well to remove dirt and debris. A high-pressure washer makes quick work of this task and is an excellent tool for dislodging stubborn bits of earth. Don’t forget to check under your mower deck.

Give your tractor a once over.

Now that your equipment is clean, it’s a good idea to reference your user manual for model specific information and tractor storage maintenance requirements. As a general rule, you’ll want to make sure the machinery is functioning correctly overall before storing it away. Watch out for things like leaks and loose bolts and any smaller working parts that may need lubricating, repairing or replacing likes belts and hoses. Remember to look in on filters and fluid levels as well.

Restore and protect your equipment’s beauty.

Heavy use in rough conditions can sometimes cause scratching on the metal parts of your equipment. Examine your mower or deck for these types of blemishes. Working from a clean, dry surface, an appropriate wax or paint can be applied to help seal and protect your equipment from rusting during tractor storage months. 

Blade maintenance for a clean cut in spring.

Whether you’ve been using a ZTrak mower or a rear discharge mower, now is a good time to prep your cutting equipment for next year. Different types of cutting mechanisms are going to require different maintenance approaches so be sure to reference your model specific manual for the best possible results. Double check the blades are facing the right direction when reinstalling them.

Check in on your tires.

To avoid starting off the next season with a flat, make sure to check tire pressure is within the desirable storage range. This is also a good time to look out for any tire damage that could become more problematic later.

After you’ve checked through these tractor storage maintenance tasks and covered off any additional jobs specific to your model, you should be in good shape to put your equipment away for the season. Whether your machinery will be stored in a shed or a garage, a tarp can offer additional protection until it’s ready for use again.

Have questions about how to  winterize your riding mower or how to best store your equipment? Give us a shout at your nearest Ag-Pro Dealership. If you’re ready to schedule a winter maintenance service for your tractor or riding mower, you can learn more about our time and cost saving specials by contacting our service team directly, or scheduling your winter maintenance here.  

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