10 Things to Do with Your John Deere Gator This Fall

posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 in Ag-Pro Companies News

In 2021, the average temperature across the U.S. for the month of September was 67.8 degrees fahrenheit. Ag-Pro serves customers from 80 locations across the nation, so whether you live in a place where the temp is likely to be a bit above or a bit below last year’s September average, one thing is for sure: you’ll probably spend a lot of this month enjoying the great outdoors.

Three different John Deere Gators are parked on green grass with a mountain range in the background.

One fantastic way to do just that is by taking in the scenery from behind the driver’s seat of a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle. Ag-Pro offers several varieties of John Deere Gators for sale, all of which are excellent additions to work and play outside. 

Below, you’ll find 10 ideas for things you can do with your very own John Deere Gator from Ag-Pro. 

1. Spray Your Yard

For many states, fall is the ideal time to employ measures for weed control in your yard. Utilizing a sprayer attachment with a John Deere Gator can make this task a breeze.

2. Prepare or Maintain Hunting Grounds

Many areas that are perfect for hunting fit the bill because they aren’t easily accessible by a truck or other vehicle. Gators, especially 4WD ones, are rugged enough to assist in many chores related to this pastime. 

3. Camping

Much like with hunting, the best campgrounds are often inaccessible by a traditional vehicle. Make easy work of transporting things like tents and other supplies into tricky terrain thanks to the power steering and independent suspension offered by Gator Utility Vehicles.

4. Haul Heavy Loads

Depending on the kind of Gator you have, you can make hauling heavy-duty loads that much easier. For example, the XUV865E Crossover Utility Vehicle features a diesel engine with 2,000-lb towing capacity and a payload capacity of over 1,500 pounds.

5. Grade Your Driveway

Make use of more of the handy attachments available for Gator UTVs and grade your driveway this fall. This is a great task to knock out on a pleasant fall day before the wet weather often ushered in by the winter months.

6. Transport Fishing Gear

This machine can make quick work of driving around trees and other small obstacles. A 2WD Gator model will likely work just fine to get your fishing gear to and from your favorite spot, depending on how deeply hidden your hideaway is! 

7. Remove Stumps

Stubborn stumps are no match for the power of a John Deere Gator UTV. Attach a sturdy chain to the tractor pull on your Gator and give it a few strong tugs!

8. Go Muddin’

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning this classic outdoor activity. There’s just something about getting a vehicle caked with mud that brings out the inner child in all of us. Mid-size and full-size crossover Gators are excellent for this particular form of outdoor entertainment.

9. Tackle Various Landscaping Tasks

Diversify your Gator with various attachments. Things like carts, blades, storage accessories and lights can help make landscaping tasks easier, any time of day.

10. Other Farming and Ranching Tasks

A John Deere Gator can assist with feeding livestock and transporting materials around the farm. Depending on how large your barn or shed doors are, Gators are small enough to fit inside many places where other types of farm machinery can’t. 

As you can see, there’s really no end to the versatility of a John Deere Gator. Contact your nearest Ag-Pro location to learn more about which Gator UTV or XUV is best for your needs!