5 Reasons a Small Skid Steer is Great for Landscaping

posted on Monday, August 26, 2019 in Ag-Pro Companies News

Landscaping jobs, both big and small, rely on an array of equipment that has to perform reliably so you can maximize uptime.

You may have been considering adding a small skid steer to your compact equipment lineup for some time and are wondering whether it’s worth it. Here are five things that make this compact equipment a good complement to your existing fleet when paired with the right skid steer attachments, especially for interior jobs.

It’s small enough to get through smaller, awkward passageways

There are very few landscaping jobs that can avoid tight pathways and obstructions altogether. Too often, simply getting in to do your work can be half the battle. A small frame skid steer comes in narrow machine widths so you can get to, from and around awkward spaces while still delivering a lot of power. Take John Deere’s G-Series for instance, not only are they compact, they can be slimmed down further with wheel options. What’s more, in the case of the G-Series, the size and lower weight (5,995-8,195 lb) makes these machines light enough to transport behind a standard pickup truck. 

It can clear the way and move stuff around

The narrow frame of a small skid steer lends itself well to delivering materials around your site when paired with a pallet fork. So, whether it’s sod, plants or hardscape materials, you can move just about anything that fits within the weight limit from point A to B. Another major benefit is the number of jobs you can get done with the available range in small skid steer attachments. We’re talking attachments that pack a big punch, like those with grabbing functions like brush, scrap and utility grapples so you can clear the way for other work and vehicles as well. 

Offers on the spot mulching, chipping and stump removal

By now you may have figured that versatility is the key descriptor for small frame skid steers. When you’re working jobs with a lot of tree-related work, small skid steers can accomplish some pretty mighty things. With the G-Series, stumps that are smaller than 28 inches in diameter can be removed in just one pass and shredded safely with a high-torque auger planetary drive. 

Has a variety of nursery and planting add-ons

When it comes to nursery and planting work, a small frame skid steer is equipped to tackle a host of meaningful jobs without taking up too much space or blocking other machinery from doing their work. Building a garden space for instance, can be done quickly and effectively with a rotary tiller attachment. This tool is able to break up the soil in a seedbed to the point where it’s clod-free, even if it’s a brand-new bed. That’s just one of the many great skid steer attachment options. You’ll also be able to add on other tools like planetary augers, power rakes and dozer blades among others. 

It easily keeps snow in check

Depending on what region you do most of your work, winter and early snowfall can hamper productivity. A small skid steer comes in handy, especially if it’s already on site and outfitted with snow removal attachments. Because the type of snow, as well as the surface from which you’re removing it, impact the type of attachment you’re going to need, you have a range of attachments to choose from. For example, small frame skid steers from John Deere can be paired with a snow blower, snow pusher, utility blade or angle broom. So, whether winter comes early, or starts and stops a few times before expected, a skid steer can really help clear the way and keep your operation on track. 

With its compact size, weight, and many attachments, there’s a lot to be said for the small frame skid steer. While you most likely wouldn’t want to solely rely on the capabilities of a small skid steer, it sure makes a big case for its versatility while also improving efficiency, making it a great addition to any landscaping outfit. Come check out what’s in store at your local Ag-Pro dealership

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