Agriculture Technology for the Harvest Season

posted on Friday, September 20, 2019 in Ag-Pro Companies News

Farming technology, like all tech, is constantly evolving. From data management, to guidance and variable rate application, John Deere’s precision ag continues to evolve right alongside it. Deere’s tech helps farmers plan more effectively in the off season. In turn, it helps operators execute those plans more efficiently when it comes time for the next season. As we move closer to fall and the time for many of us to gather crops is upon us or is quickly approaching, we understand that crop yield, as well as how profitable each harvest is, are two important considerations for any operation.

So, we’ve put together some of the top ways Deere’s agriculture technology can help improve your harvest operation holistically. And, just in case you missed us at our Farmer of Tomorrow event in July, we’ll also be sharing some of the key ways John Deere machinery and tech helps manage the Molly Caren Farm at The Ohio State University in our exclusive video featured below.

Farming Better with Agriculture Technology

If you’re new to precision agriculture, you might be wondering how this marriage of equipment and tech really benefits you. Simply put, it’s going to help you maximize crop yield for the most effective and efficient outcomes, while keeping you organized so you can improve your operation and profits year over year. That means more streamlined planning, easily trackable work, and easier remote connectivity with your machines, even if you’re not the one driving them.

A farmer’s work is never really done, you’re only done for the day. With that in mind, John Deere’s farming technology helps operators find that delicate balance between man and nature that allows you to get the most from your land and time. It helps you know the changes in soil and weather as well as you know your crops, and it helps you make adjustments accordingly with personalized prescriptions. With precision ag, you can catch discrepancies before they become problems. Data collection and information organization are more straightforward, making it easier to adjust in-field operations, from in the cab or out. And, it takes staying in touch with trusted advisors to another level by connecting you with hands-on help from our expert consultants at Ag-Pro. And those are just some of the high-level benefits. 

Achieving a Better Harvest with John Deere’s Precision Agriculture

John Deere’s precision ag has practical applications that can improve your farming operation in every season, and it also offers specific farming technology that can significantly improve your efforts and returns at harvest. Some of these key enabling technologies include Variety Locator, Combine Advisor™, ActiveYield™, Connect Mobile and Machine Sync.

With Variety Locator, operators are able to identify the exact yield on the completed area of work the moment the work is done. What’s more, all of this information is connected to the Operations Center and can therefore be followed at any point in the season, so you can make informed adjustments or future plans around the data you collected.

Combine Advisor™ is another key piece of tech that can enhance your harvest season. This farming technology sets your operation up for success by optimizing for varied conditions with automated combine functions.

ActiveYield™ works in tandem with combines during crop collection to automatically calibrate to varying field conditions all while accurately collecting important data so the operator isn’t charged with the consuming task of manual recalibrations. This can be especially useful for farmers who have big variances in maturity for their crops.

Accessible on an iPad both inside the cab or back at your desk, Connect Mobile offers some agility at harvest by allowing you to keep a close eye on job quality and make any necessary changes or shifts in approach for better results. This tech takes into account factors like moisture, differences in dry vs. wet yield and relative loss. It too collects and analyzes useful data that can be beneficial for future operations.

And last but not least, Machine Sync can be a great agriculture technology tool to have in your toolbox come harvest time. Machine Sync allows you to sync multiple grain cart operations during a day of crop collection. Benefits of this technology include fewer passes through the field, less ground compaction and fuller carts.   

We’d mentioned earlier that John Deere’s precision agriculture technology plays a big role at the Molly Caren Farm at The Ohio State University. Check out this video to get a closer look at how Nate Douridas and his team use precision ag to help manage the Molly Caren Farm during the harvest season. 

Have questions about agriculture technology and want to learn more? Come speak with our expert staff. We’d love to help you determine which types of farming technology and precision agriculture approaches make the most sense for you. Find your local Ag-Pro dealer here.  

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