Key Factors In Determining Which Used Farm and Construction Equipment Is Right For You

Buying Used Equipment

posted on Friday, January 14, 2022 in Ag-Pro Companies News

If you’re thinking about buying used farm equipment or construction equipment, be sure to keep these factors in mind as you evaluate your options.

Machinery condition

Finding the used John Deere machinery that’s right for your needs is a great feeling. But if the machinery hasn't been properly maintained and is in poor condition, you may have to pay even more in the long run to cover unexpected breakdowns and repairs. What's more, breakdowns can result in downtime and delays — and nobody wants that. So, whether it's a used compact tractor, front end loader, skid steer or another type of John Deere machinery that you're thinking about purchasing, remember to learn as much as you can about its condition before buying. Also, see if the seller can provide a record of how many hours the machinery has been used and the types of maintenance and repairs it has undergone over time. For even more peace of mind, request an inspection of the equipment as this will provide you with professional insight about the state of its condition.

Evaluate all jobs the machinery can do

It's also essential to evaluate the type of tasks you can accomplish with the equipment. Consider all the jobs that need to get done and how the used equipment can accomplish them. For example, if the machinery can perform specific duties exceptionally well but cannot accomplish other equally important tasks, you may want to consider alternative options. On the other hand, if it has features your current machinery doesn't have, consider how these features could bring day-to-day efficiencies. To get the full picture of what the used equipment can do, see if the seller has its owner's manual and ask about any specific features it offers that you could take advantage of for future projects.

Try it yourself

Aside from the factors above, another helpful way to tell if used farm machinery or construction equipment is a good fit for you is to simply use it. From ease-of-use to the array of features, a demo allows you to experience for yourself how the equipment works and provide a clearer idea of whether or not the machinery is what you need.

Maintenance routine and expenses

Just as the condition of used equipment is vital to know, so is its maintenance routine and the costs that come with it. If its routine maintenance costs exceed what you’re comfortable with, there may be similar models that cost less to maintain.