Cade Stover + Ag-Pro

posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2023 in Ag-Pro Companies News

In case you somehow missed it, the world of college sports has witnessed a significant transformation with the advent of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights. We were honored to get in on the NIL fun with Cade Stover, tight end for Ohio State University. 

Cade Stover, a native of Lexington, Ohio, is what some would call a rising star in the college football world. To us, well, he’s already a star, and the way his personality shines both on and off the field proves it. 

Cade Stover in front of John Deere tractor

As a versatile athlete who can play both linebacker and tight end, Cade has earned a reputation for his dedication, work ethic and talent. Playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes, one of college football's most prestigious programs, has given Stover a significant platform to showcase his abilities.

At Ag-Pro, we’re deeply rooted in the agricultural industry and the values that accompany it. As a result, we definitely recognize Cade's impact as both a football player and a young man from an agricultural background. It’s been an honor, not to mention a lot of fun, to produce video and social media content with Cade as we partner with him to shed more light on the importance of all things ag. 

Cade Stover's NIL relationship with Ag-Pro is groundbreaking in several ways:

  • It Highlights the Diversity of NIL Opportunities: By partnering with an agricultural company like Ag-Pro, Stover's NIL deal demonstrates there are countless avenues for student-athletes to explore beyond traditional endorsements. This deal is a testament to the vast diversity of opportunities in the NIL landscape.
  • Rural and Agricultural Communities Get a Spotlight: This partnership sheds light on often-underrepresented rural and agricultural communities. Stover's connection with Ag-Pro helps us showcase the importance of these communities in the college sports landscape.
  • Local and National Impact: The relationship resonates with local Ohio communities while also having the potential to make an impact on the national stage, considering Ohio State's football program's prominence.

The Significance of Cade Stover's NIL Partnership with Ag-Pro

Cade Stover's NIL deal with Ag-Pro signifies the changing landscape of college sports. It demonstrates that the NIL rules can be leveraged for more than just individual gain. Instead, they can be used to showcase the character, background and values of the student-athletes.

Cade Stover standing in front of a tractor from Ag-Pro

We sincerely appreciate Cade’s time, talent and genuine passion for his family farm. Partnering with him has been a natural fit thanks to all of the above. To find the Ag-Pro John Deere dealer location nearest you, click here.