From 2 Acres to 10: Which Compact Tractor Fits Your Needs?

Compact Tractors for 2-10 Acres

posted on Friday, January 28, 2022 in Ag-Pro Companies News

It takes work to manage a large property. So, make sure you have the right John Deere compact tractor that’s built with the capability you need to get jobs done for your property. Whether it’s for managing a farm, landscaping, or general lawn maintenance, we have a wide variety of compact tractors to choose from. If you have between 2 to 10 acres of property to maintain, read on to learn which John Deere compact tractor is right for you.

One Series To Do It All

If you have between two to four acres of property to maintain, our lineup of John Deere 1 Series compact tractors is a great place to start looking. Capable of producing up to 21.5 HP, * the 1023E has standard four-wheel drive and power steering with Twin Touch™ foot controls and Hydrostatic transmission (HST) that lets you easily navigate around your property. You can depend on the 1023E to deliver a clean, quality cut with the 54-in 54D AutoConnect™ mid-mount mower deck. Have a garden to maintain? Add a loader attachment to till and plant. And if the driveway needs leveling, a 1023E equipped with a loader can take that on, too.

You’ll have even more power when you go with the 1025R sub-compact utility tractor, as much as 23.9HP, that’s ready to take on bigger, more demanding jobs. Mowing is a breeze with its 60D AutoConnect™ mid mount driver-over mower deck, as is yardwork like mulching and landscaping when you upgrade with available implements like a loader, backhoe, overseeder and a front blade for snow removal jobs in the winter. Speaking of winter, the 1025R has an optional factory-installed, heated cab to keep you comfortable while you’re out working the cold all season long.

Two Series Double Down on Power

If you have between four and eight acres to maintain, our John Deere 2 Series compact tractors are built for the task. The 2025R model can produce up to 24.2HP, * the 2023R offers up to 31.2HP* and the 2038R delivers as much as 36.7 HP.* Each of these compact tractors is excellent for mowing and landscaping alike. Two Series tractors are extremely versatile with available implements such as a loader, backhoe, standard-duty tiller and core aerator to do all the tasks necessary for maintaining your farm. Also, like the 1 Series, our 2 Series tractors can also be equipped with a front blade to move snow and gravel. From hauling firewood and moving dirt to clearing sidewalks, the 2 Series ups the ante to provide the capability you need for managing a property between four and eight acres.

Three Series: A Triple Threat Of Speed, Strength And Versatility

If you have between eight and 10 acres to maintain, our John Deere 3 Series compact tractors might just be the right fit for your needs. Perhaps the mightiest of the 3 Series lineup, the 3038E model delivers up to 37.3 HP* and checks both boxes for maneuverability and speed with features like power steering and standard four-wheel drive. The 3032E is also an incredible, powerful option that’s capable of producing up to 31.2 HP.* It’s easy to stay comfortable when seated in the welcoming operator station and switching between implements is just as easy thanks to the optional iMatch™ Quick-Hitch feature.

Bring even more capability to the 3 Series tractors with available implements like a rotary tiller, cultipacker, backhoe and much more. For those with properties spanning eight to 10 acres, our 3 Series tractors are ready to help you get out there and take care of everything that needs to get done.

Any questions?

If you have more questions about which John Deere compact tractor is right for the size of property you own, as well as the other farm machinery we offer, Ag-Pro is ready to help. Contact us today and we’ll help you discover the compact tractor that suits the needs of your property.

*The engine horsepower information is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower will be less.

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