John Deere 8 Series: Powerful and Efficient Tractors

posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2024 in Ag-Pro Companies News

The 8 series has a range of hydraulic, visibility, station and track options.

Here at Ag-Pro, we want to help you take the guesswork out of buying your next piece of new equipment. John Deere offers plenty of equipment that can take your performance to the next level. Whether you’re tilling, hauling, planting or applying, John Deere equipment is the right choice for your work. In this blog, we’ll be showing a few models from John Deere’s 8 series of tractors.

8RX 410 Four-Track Tractor, 1775 NT Planter

8 Series Tractors

The 8 Series offers three lines of tractors: 8R tractors, 8RT tractors and 8RX tractors. Every tractor in this line is loaded with precision technology and designed for durability and reliability. Within this series, you have multiple options for wheel and track configuration, as well as a wide range of horsepower and transmission options. The 8 Series has a lot of options that could be perfect for you, but today you’re going to read about five different tractors within the series.

8R 310 Tractor

The 8R 310 is the first of the tractors we’ll look at today. You can choose from a wide array of options to make this tractor perfect for you. There are three visibility packages for you to choose from to make sure you can work around the clock if needed.

8R 310 Tractor in Field

With single and dual pump hydraulic options, you can be sure you’re operating efficiently under the most demanding circumstances. With loads of other customization options, the 8R 310 might be the perfect tractor for you. 

8R 410 Tractor

The 8R 410 is the powerhouse of the 8R family. It’s equipped with a powerful engine rated at 410 horsepower and has all the options of the 8R 310. This model can come with the e23 PowerShift or Electric Variable Transmission (EVT), and both deliver strong results.

8R 410 Tractor with visibility package

Equipped with the familiar controls and drive strategy of the Infinitely Variable Transmission, the EVT brings efficient power to the ground that John Deere tractors are known for. The 8R 410 has plenty of customization options to make it the right pick for you.

8RX 370 Four-Track Tractor

The 8RX 370 four-track comes with all of the customization we’ve talked about. You can mold your operator station to fit your needs, whether it be for comfort or convenience.

8RX 370 Four-Track tractor

8RX tractors are equipped with an air seat and a four-post cab suspension that’s only available in these models. These tractors naturally ride well in the field. You also have track width options ranging from to 16.5-in to 30-in, ensuring the 8RX 370 can fit your crop and field conditions. 

8RX 410 Four-Track Tractor

Like the tractors mentioned before, the 8RX 410 four-track is fully customizable, from the visibility packages to the hydraulics options. This tractor is ready to deliver precise power and high efficiency with the Electric Variable Transmission (EVT). 

8RX 410 Four-Track tractor

The 8RX tractors are the only tractors on the market equipped with factory-installed ExactRate liquid fertilizer tractor tanks. These tanks are fully integrated into the machine, meaning you won’t lose any width, visibility or productivity with these on board. Visit the 8RX 410 product page to see if this is the tractor for you. 

Ag-Pro is here to guide you to the tractor that’s perfect for you. No matter what your work looks like, there’s a John Deere tractor that’s ready to roll. Find the Ag-Pro John Deere dealer location nearest you to start your journey of buying one of the best tractor’s on the market.