Noah's Make-A-Wish Experience Continues at Ag-Pro

posted on Monday, October 16, 2023 in Ag-Pro Companies News

Noah Wyatt is a guy who is all about the details. He likes big equipment and wants to experience how things work. He also happens to have spina bifida and recently spent some time with both John Deere’s NA Parts Distribution Center (NA-PDC) and Ag-Pro as part of the Make-A-Wish program. 

Noah Wyatt talking with Ag-Pro employees

"Noah was born with spina bifida, which is a hole in your back, and his spinal cord was cut off, so he has no feeling from his armpits down," said Noah’s dad, Stuart, in an interview with WQAD. 

When he told his parents that his wish was to be part of the behind the scenes, day-to-day action and feel like “one of the guys,” a visit to John Deere’s parts distribution warehouse in Milan, IL seemed like a great place to start. 

During that visit, Noah toured the warehouse and helped the John Deere team pull and scan parts to be sent out to John Deere dealerships. 

As we all know, the journey has only just begun when a part leaves the distribution center. That’s where the Ag-Pro team comes in. A few weeks after his trip to Milan, Noah joined our crew at our John Deere dealership in Ottawa, OH to get a taste for what happens after a part leaves the warehouse. 

Of course, the parts originally shipped by Noah at the NA-PDC were already in the hands of customers who needed them, so Noah spent most of his day with us touring Ag-Pro’s facility and learning about the ends and outs of the dealership. 

To top it all off, Noah and members of the Ag-Pro team enjoyed a fun lunch together where we got to hear all about Noah’s Make-A-Wish experience in Illinois, as well as his love for big machines. 

Make- A- Wish experience at Ag-Pro

It was truly a great day for everyone and we’re so thankful to have had the chance to meet Noah and his family! Learn more about Make-A-Wish at