Precision Planting with Ag-Pro and ExactEmergeâ„¢ Technology

posted on Tuesday, December 19, 2023 in Ag-Pro Companies News

In agriculture, precision is the key to success, and Ag-Pro and John Deere understand this better than anyone. With a focus on improving seed placement, spacing and emergence, John Deere offers a range of technologies and high speed planters to optimize your planting operation. Let's explore the features that make Ag-Pro and John Deere the top choice for forward-thinking farmers.

John Deere Planting Equipment

Effortless Headland Turns:

John Deere simplifies headland turns with the touch of a button, ensuring consistent planting while reducing operator fatigue in certain field conditions.

Planting Speed:

Plant faster - up to 10 mph - without sacrificing accuracy, allowing you to hit the optimal planting window.

Mobile Control:

Monitor and control your planter remotely from a mobile device, making test stand functions more convenient.

Wireless Prescriptions:

Send planting prescriptions wirelessly or via USB to your machine, streamlining the process and ensuring precise planting.

Efficient Row Unit Control:

Automatic row unit control minimizes seed costs by turning units on and off as needed, optimizing seed distribution.

Comprehensive Mapping:

Map every pass made by the planter, providing essential data for future planting strategies.

Downtime Reduction:

John Deere's planter technologies aim to reduce downtime by 20% or more, maximizing productivity.

What sets John Deere apart is its groundbreaking ExactEmerge™ Row Unit, featuring:

- Industry-exclusive brush belt delivery system: Ensures accurate seed placement and spacing, reducing double planting or skips.

- High-performance vacuum meter: Enhances seed singulation for improved planting accuracy.

- Brush-style doubles eliminator: Minimizes the risk of double planting, resulting in precise planting every time.

- Dual electric motors: Designed for high efficiency and durability, ensuring reliable performance season after season.

John Deere is at the forefront of precision planting technology, offering innovative solutions to help farmers achieve their goals. With its cutting-edge seed spacing features and commitment to reducing waste and improving efficiency, Ag-Pro is the trusted partner for modern agriculture. Embrace the future of farming with Ag-Pro and John Deere ExactEmerge™ technology. Find your nearest Ag-Pro location here.