Riding Mower Fall Lawn Care Attachments

posted on Thursday, November 19, 2020 in Ag-Pro Companies News

Among the range of benefits riding tractors have over push-style mowers are the many additional compatible tools including fall lawn care equipment. When paired with the right tools, your riding mower can help you skip the rake, tarp and heavy leaf blower, allowing you to take care of business from a comfortable seat. You may be surprised to know that even zero turn mowers can be outfitted with compatible attachments like a leaf collection system to make this type of work easier than ever.

More Reasons to Love Your Mulching Kit

If your mower is equipped with a mulching kit, you can expect to feed your lawn while simultaneously mowing and dealing with whatever amount of leaves your yard has accumulated. That’s because high quality mulching kits, like those available on many of the John Deere models offered at Ag Pro, can turn leafy debris into food for your turf, just like lawn clippings. These systems can cut down organic materials into nearly invisible sizes, allowing your lawn to reabsorb nitrogen and other important elements left behind in your fall debris. Take care to keep these blades sharp so that they can process matter efficiently.

Simplified Clean Up with Bagging Kits

Bagging kits take a lot of the manual labor out of keeping up with fall debris. There are traditional baggers and more complex options like a bushel hopper and chute system. A bushel hopper and chute system attaches to the rear of your mower and essentially vacuums clippings and leaves that your mower passes over, filling its carrying system and containing a lot of the kicked up dust. All that’s left for you to do is to deposit the contents of the bins in your designated area for curbside collection. You can also easily transfer the material into a compostable yard waste bag instead. If you’re using yard waste bags and have a ways to travel to your curb, a cart makes for a handy sidekick for this chore.

Sweeping Debris Off Your Lawn

Sweepers are another type of leaf removal equipment worth considering. This budget-conscious option is designed to sweep your lawn free of its top layer of loose material. Sweepers are a tow-behind attachment featuring an open-top, cart-like mechanism that catches any debris that gets shot back by its adjustable rotating brushes propelled by your mower. Because this tool comes with an adjustable brush height, you can expect to tailor your equipment to your specific needs, which can come in handy if you have some variation on a larger property. Because of its open-top design, dust and other matter that gets thrown into the air in this process is not contained like it would be with a bagger.

Take Care of Weeds and Funguses With a Sprayer

Sprayers are a favorite tool of ours for residential properties for most any season. When it comes to fall, you can take care of pests, weeds and funguses by opting for a sprayer attachment. Working with this tool allows you to cover a whole lot of ground quickly and efficiently without having to haul heavy containers around manually. What’s more, if your climate calls for it, you can use this tool in winter for liquid defroster application and in the summer for applying liquid fertilizers, making it well worth the investment.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to handle your turf this time of year you can read more about fall lawn care here (NEED LINK). Or if you need help choosing the best leaf removal equipment and tools for your property, contact your nearest Ag-Pro dealership to get expert advice and assistance.

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