Service Your John Deere Equipment at Ag-Pro

posted on Friday, December 22, 2023 in Ag-Pro Companies News

At Ag-Pro, we pride ourselves on offering our customers excellence in all areas. This means we’re here to help you select the right John Deere equipment and parts for the job. We’re also right by your side when it comes to all things service related! 

Wintertime is the perfect time to have your John Deere equipment serviced. Although work certainly doesn’t come to a complete halt, many customers do experience a bit more down time during the cooler months. This makes winter the perfect time to set your operation up for success next season by having routine maintenance tasks performed. 

A John Deere technician works on equipment

Why is regular equipment maintenance imperative to the health of your John Deere equipment? 

Whether you’re a farmer, a rancher, a commercial property manager or you simply utilize John Deere products to help knock out your to-do list at home, regular maintenance is key to the longevity and performance of your equipment.

Keep reading for 7 reasons why regular maintenance of your John Deere equipment is important!

1) Optimize Performance

  • Regular servicing ensures all components of your John Deere equipment are in good working condition. This helps maintain optimal performance, leading to better efficiency and productivity.

2) Preventive Maintenance

  • Wear and tear is part of the deal when you’re using your equipment to do hard jobs. Regular servicing allows for the identification and correction of potential issues before they become major problems. Following a proactive maintenance approach helps prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs, reducing downtime and increasing overall equipment reliability.

3) Extended Equipment Lifespan

  • Proper maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of John Deere equipment. Regular service appointments may include tasks such as lubrication, fluid checks and various component inspections, all of which contribute to the longevity of your machinery.

4) Safety

  • Regular servicing helps identify and address safety issues promptly. This is crucial for both the equipment operators and those working in the same vicinity as the piece of equipment. Ensuring that safety features and systems are in proper working order is a key aspect of routine maintenance.

5) Resale Value

  • Well-maintained equipment typically retains higher resale value. Buyers are often willing to pay more for machinery that has a documented history of regular servicing and proper maintenance.

6) Minimization of Downtime

  • Unexpected breakdowns can result in significant downtime, impacting productivity and potentially leading to financial losses. Regular servicing helps catch potential issues early, reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and minimizing downtime.

7) Improved Operator Satisfaction

  • Well-maintained equipment is more comfortable and enjoyable for operators to use. This can lead to increased operator satisfaction and morale, which can positively impact overall job performance.

A John Deere service technician works on equipment

Whether you’re working with agricultural equipment, compact utility tractors or any of John Deere’s awesome residential or commercial mowers, winter is a great time to have your equipment serviced by our expert team. Find the Ag-Pro John Deere dealer location nearest you, or schedule your next winter service appointment online!