Skid Steer Attachments For Managing Brush & Debris

posted on Friday, December 4, 2020 in Ag-Pro Companies News

Skid steers can be highly efficient at managing brush and woody debris when paired with the right attachments to get the job done. In terms of compact equipment, these machines have a relatively small footprint making them an ideal tool for keeping busy worksites clear. They can also be useful on large properties and farms for handling these types of materials among many additional activities. Regardless of your specific application, you’ll find most seasons and jobs offer up their fair share of clean-up tasks, whether it’s handling brush overgrowth or storm-related branch and tree fall. Here’s a list of our favorite skid steer attachments designed to help you keep your property and worksite clear of wood-related materials.

Moving Obstructions and Heavy Debris

Great for landscapers, farmers and construction workers, root rakes are designed to gather debris like rocks and branches from soil without affecting the earth around it too much. This tool essentially looks like two wide-toothed rakes that join together to scoop up solid materials that are too large to sift through the openings, leaving the ground beneath it mostly untouched. For this reason, root rakes can be a more effective choice than a blade for this type of work. They also arguably accomplish these types of tasks more quickly than a blade would. Then there are grapples. These tools are similar but not the same as a rake. You’ll find most grapples typically have a wide-toothed top piece that resembles a rake with the bottom piece resembling a bucket. For brush and debris clean-up, our top two recommendations are scrap and utility grapples. This equipment provides an ample opening so you can get a firm grasp on whatever shaped item you need to transport, like fallen trees from a nasty storm and other scrap materials that need to be moved. Also, keep in mind that a grapple will cause more ground disturbance because the bottom portion is a bucket.

Clearing the Way

A skid steer brush cutter is one of the most versatile tools on our list. Also known as a brush hog, this crucial tool will allow you to clear paths and large areas of land or pasture from overgrowth and dense brush. Brush cutters are tough and can quickly cut through large amounts of plant life. Depending on your needs and the design of the cutter, you can find options that are designed to handle uneven ground conditions, take on tree stumps or cut through fencing wire without skipping a beat. As you can imagine, the applications for this type of equipment are wide-ranging and, in addition to construction, can be used for farming, municipal projects, groundskeeping and more.

Removing Tree-Related Debris

Whether you’ve deliberately removed trees from an area or are forced to deal with what’s left after strong winds have unexpectedly knocked one down, two helpful clean-up tools are mulching heads and stump shredders. Depending on the model, a mulching head is able to turn wood material such as stumps, brush and smaller trees into mulch with relative ease. Another extremely useful favorite is a stump shredder attachment. Unlike more conventional stump grinders, stump shredders, like the ones designed for skid steers by Worksite Pro, can shred tree stumps in just one pass without kicking up large amounts of dangerous debris in the process.

There are many more useful attachments worth considering depending on your intended application, such as buckets, augers, bale huggers and forks. Contact your nearest Ag-Pro Dealership to explore the skid steer attachments we offer in person.

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