Five Of The Best Loader Attachments For Material Handling

posted on Friday, July 31, 2020 in Ag-Pro Companies News

A front-end loader is easily one of the most versatile John Deere tractor implements with numerous applications for property owners, farmers and construction workers. When paired with the right loader attachments, this equipment can handle a wide variety of material handling tasks, saving you a lot of hassle and, more importantly, time. Below, we list our top five attachments to pair with your loader.

Loader Buckets

Whether it’s earth, rocks or muck you’ve got to move, there are a variety of buckets to choose from. If you could only get one bucket attachment for the rest of your tractor’s life, we’d recommend the 4-in-1 Frontier bucket. With this adaptable tool, you can expect to move a whole lot more from point A to B than dirt, gravel and sand. In addition to loose smaller materials, you can manage larger debris like logs and even tackle grading and smoothing projects. Our second favorite bucket from Frontier is the rock bucket. This attachment is a great specialty option for construction or landscaping projects that require sifting through soil to remove larger debris. Thanks to its slatted design, the rock bucket can help you accomplish these types of tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Pallet Forks

Pallet forks are highly functional compact tractor attachments designed for moving heavy, bulky materials. Whether it's seed and nutrient products, lumber or other supplies like fence building material, this loader attachment allows you to move a lot at once on a flat surface and comes with generous payload capacities. Unlike loader buckets, pallet forks are best for transporting contained material.


A grapple attachment is one of the most efficient ways to handle brush, storm, flood and demolition cleanup. Two options are available: bucket grapples, which are comprised of a bucket functioning as the bottom piece and a rake-like component on top, and root grapples, which are comprised of matching rake-like tops and bottoms. Both are designed to clutch and transport heavy-duty debris; however, the root grapple can get closer to the ground with its tined bottom piece. This can allow you to capture a little more with each scoop (depending on the materials you’re working with) and sift through dirt to grab larger rocks. There are many additional practical applications for this type of equipment, including clearing construction areas, properly disposing of old hay, moving logs for building material and firewood and much more.

Hay Handling

Hay can be moved in multiple ways depending on the size and shape of your bales as well as your tractor's capacity. A bale spear comes in handy for moving bales off the field and onto the trailer efficiently so that they can be transported to their next location more quickly. You can also count on this tool to help you unload the bales and get them to their final destination. One major benefit of using this attachment is that it won’t disturb the bale too much, so you won’t lose a lot of nutrient rich material during transport. Three-point bale spears look exactly the way they sound and are especially adept at this because they provide extra stability, thereby preventing the bale from spinning around during transport.

Snow Management

For those who have all four seasons to contend with, there are three excellent front loader attachments to consider depending on the type of snow management you have ahead of you. Front blades work great for smaller jobs by rolling the snow within their curved shape rather than pushing it. When it comes to removing snow from harder-to-reach areas like fences, snow pushers are an excellent option. Thanks to their boxier shape, snow pushers make quick work of removing snow from these challenging areas by pushing the snow in the direction you’re driving. Lastly, for bigger jobs, a loader-mounted snow blower can cover the most ground the quickest by taking the snow up and out of the way and shooting it into a snowbank.

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