How do I know which John Deere lawn mower to choose?

posted on Thursday, March 10, 2022 in Ag-Pro Companies News

No two lawns are the same; that’s why it’s so important to choose the mower that works best for your project.

Below, we’ll review a few questions you should ask yourself when selecting the right John Deere lawn mower for you! 

1. What size mower are you looking for?

John Deere lawn tractors range in size, from the smallest line of residential riding mowers available at Ag-Pro, the 100 Series, to the largest John Deere mowers available, the X700 Series. Different size mowers reflect different mower engine and frame sizes, as well as different capabilities. By clicking here, you’ll be able to review the full array of John Deere riding mowers available at Ag-Pro.

2. How large is the yard or area you’re mowing?

One great way to help you answer question #1 is to know the size of the area you’ll be mowing regularly with your John Deere mower. A mower with a larger cutting deck and higher horsepower, like those in the John Deere X500 Series, will typically help you complete your project sooner. However, if you’re working with a smaller area, like a fenced-in backyard, a smaller mower like those in the dealer-exclusive John Deere 200 Series or lower may better suit your needs. 

200 Series John Deere Lawn Tractors
200 Series Lawn Tractors

3. What type of ground will your mower be covering?

In addition to mowing surface area, you’ll want to be mindful of the type of terrain you’re dealing with. For example, if you’ll be mowing around a lot of trees or other obstacles, John Deere’s all-wheel steering will be important. If the area you’re mowing is nice and flat, a lower horsepower model could work well for you. However, if you’re up against hilly terrain, the added stability and higher horsepower of a larger mower will be of benefit to you.

Compatibility of attachments, like a rear hitch, sprayer or utility cart, can help you use your John Deere riding mower for even more than cutting the grass on multiple types of terrain. Speaking of mower attachments…

4. Are you interested in using your John Deere lawn mower for more than mowing?

Interested in keeping your John Deere lawn tractor busy year round? You’re in luck! John Deere offers a variety of mower attachments that allow you to make the most of your machine all year long. Take a look at the John Deere mower attachment list below, and you’ll see what we mean. 

  • John Deere’s optional cat 0 or cat 1 3-point hitch is the perfect thing to set you up for success if you’ll need your mower for tilling, cultivating and blading.
  • A utility cart is arguably one of the most versatile John Deere mower attachments, allowing you to use your lawn mower for hauling loads of an appropriate size. 
  • Integrating a sun canopy will keep you in the shade and help keep you cooler when mowing on warm days. 
  • Easily clean up after yourself by adding a bagger to your John Deere mower setup.
  • A front blade allows you to clear a path when snowy conditions arise. 
  • The use of a rotary broom allows your mower to sweep away debris no matter what season it is. 
  • Use a rear blade or a box blade to help smooth out uneven terrain with your lawn mower. 
  • A pull-type spreader makes applying grass seed easier than ever with your John Deere mower.

5. What are you looking for in terms of comfort?

John Deere lawn mowers are diverse in terms of the creature comforts they provide. While this may sound small, taking the time to sit on the mower itself, interact with the operation station, make sure you can easily understand and access the controls, etc., are all things that can take you from feeling okay about your mower selection to feeling totally confident about your choice.

Be considerate of things like steering too. Not all riding lawn tractors come with power steering. For more sensitive turning, you may wish to consider a power-steering riding mower model or even a John Deere ZTrak mower. Ease of deck raising/lowering is also important.

Are you looking for a hand, foot or electric lift? These are all questions the Ag-Pro team is more than happy to walk you through. If you aren’t satisfied with your John Deere mower choice, then we won’t be either. 

Are you ready to find the John Deere lawn mower that’s right for you? Visit or contact your local Ag-Pro dealer today!