Work Smarter Around the House with Tractor Attachments

posted on Thursday, May 23, 2024 in Ag-Pro Companies News

John Deere compact utility tractors from Ag-Pro have various attachments to boost your efficiency on your at-home projects. 

Here at Ag-Pro, we know you spend much of your time tackling projects around the house. When you feel like you’re on a schedule, you need equipment that can handle a variety of tasks seamlessly. Lucky for you, John Deere compact utility tractors have a variety of attachments and implements that make them some of the most versatile pieces of equipment in John Deere’s lineup. 

Man riding John Deere Tractor in front of a barn.

In this blog, you’ll learn about four different attachments and implements that could be great for projects around your home. Whether you’re wanting a more efficient way to mow your lawn or you’re looking for the best way to get your fence posts set before summer ends, Ag-Pro has the John Deere equipment for you to finish your projects with time to spare.

Rotary Cutters + Mowing Attachments 

A rotary cutter attachment is perfect for taming yards where a regular mower may not be the most suitable choice. Grooming mowing attachments are designed to give a smooth cut to any terrain, like golf courses and sporting fields, but especially lawns. 

John Deere tractor with a mowing implement attached.

Specially designed wheel systems let the mower follow the terrain to avoid scalping, and a floating hitch ensures that your cuts are level. If you’re looking for an attachment that will take your mowing to the next level, look no further than John Deere’s options.

Landscape Rake

Is there a part of your yard that’s filled with rocks? Maybe the ground is just too clumpy? John Deere’s landscape rake attachment may be just the landscaping accessory you need.

John Deere compact utility tractor with a landscape rake attached.

With a steel frame and steel tines, you can be sure this rake won’t back down to anything you might scrape it across. You can even adjust the tine beam if you think it’s necessary. As a  simple yet effective attachment, the landscape rake can help you get your yard into tip-top shape.

Liquid Sprayer

If you like to keep your yard in check by spraying it down, John Deere’s liquid spraying attachment is perfect for you and your lawn. You can spray with working widths of anywhere from 10 feet to 30 feet.

John Deere compact utility tractor with a liquid sprayer attached.

With a folding breakaway boom, your sprayer will remain undamaged even if it encounters an obstacle that’s tough to move. Whether you use an electric pump or one powered by the tractor's PTO system, these sprayers are sure to get the job done.

Post Hole Diggers

If you’re hoping to get that fence in the ground before summer ends, John Deere’s post hole digging attachment is the piece of equipment for you. With a sturdy gearbox and safety shields protecting the auger and the power take-off, you can get down and dirty with this attachment. You can add optional downforce kits and a hook-up stand to take your project to the next level. 

John Deere compact utility tractor with post hole digger attachment.

Elevate Your Yard Game

Ag-Pro is proud to sell John Deere attachments to use with compact tractors to make your projects easier with a better end product. Before the summer ends, get the attachment you need to knock out the project that you’ve been unable to get done.

Visit your local Ag-Pro location or call your nearest dealer to get started purchasing one of these implements. With multiple financial options to help you get the equipment you need, you don’t need to wait. This blog just had four, but John Deere has developed an array of implements and attachments for your home projects.