Support and Services

Operations Center Premium Support $595

This is a full-season, dealership-led program that will help lead you in the right direction on using Operations Center, where you can upload data into the cloud, edit, and analyze to improve your farm’s capabilities.

Pre-Plant Post-Plant
  • Validate your MyJohnDeere account.

  • Ensure JDLink™ Connect terminals are in account.

  • Explore Operations Center tools.

  • Assist in making setup files to have a smooth spring.

• Upload planting data.

• Demonstrate the value of Field Analyzer.

• Create active boundaries for all fields.

• Answer any questions that have arisen

Pre-Harvest Post-Harvest
  • Create setup files including variety locator.
  • Prepare machinery to include in setup file.
  • Send setup to machine via JDLink or USB.
  • Review and post-calibrate your harvest data.
  • Generate post-season agronomic reports and link trusted advisors.

Season Setup Packages

Spring Fall Full Season

$375 for up to 2 machines

$475 for 3+ machines

$375 for up to 2 machines

$475 for 3+ machines

$600 for up to 2 mchaines each (spring & fall)

$760 for 3+ machines each (spring & fall)

• Farm visit to set up all AMS components on tractor and planter or sprayer

• Setup documentation for accurate data collection

• Measure dimensions for section control

• Configure section control for RowCommand™ planters

• Update software in display and receiver

(Includes basic setup file)

• Farm visit to set up AMS components on a combine or tractor

• Set up documentation for accurate data collection

• Display and receiver setup for harvest or tillage

• Measure dimensions of harvest or tillage equipment for efficient operations

(Includes basic setup file & variety locator if available)

Combination of spring & fall packages

* Full season package price is discounted 20% over individual season packages!

Phone Support

Median Time to First Response: 20 seconds!

Standard Phone Support


• 4 phone support calls with Ag-Pro

• Text message alerts for upcoming events and in-season reminders

Premium Phone Support

$299/year + $100 off any other package

• Up to 25 phone support calls with Ag-Pro IS personnel

• Free video call capabilities to any smartphone

• Text message alerts for upcoming events and in-season reminders

Starfire Renewable Licenses


*Requires SF2/SF3 Ready activation, sold separately



3 Months

6 Months $850
1 Year $1050
2 Years $1800
3 Years $2500


*StarFire 7000 only, no separate activation required



1 Year


Ag-Pro RTK Access – 1 Year

*Requires SF2/SF3 Ready and RTK Ready activations, sold separately. Check with your local IS consultant for RTK coverage in your area

# of Receivers Price/Receiver
1 $1200
2 $1000
3+ $800


Universal Display Renewable Licenses


Section Control - 1 Year $600


Premium 3.0 - Section Control, RowSense and In-Field Data Sharing $850
Automation 4.0 - Premium 3.0 + AutoPath, Implement Guidance, AutoTrac Turn Automation and Machine Sync $1350

JDLink™ Connectivity

FREE with compatible 4G MTG

Automation 4.0 Feature Setup

Machine Sync $125/Set
AutoTrac Turn Automation $125/Machine
AutoPath $125/Machine

A-La Carte Services

In-Store DIS/REC Update $50/Set
3 Hour Farm Visit $330/Visit
Map Printing $110/Hr + Cost of Prints


Your Home Team is happy to discuss any other needs you may have. For pricing, please text or call our ExpertConnect hotline with any questions or comments. When calling, you will have the option to speak to the first available consultant or choose the consultant closest to you. Support calls will be subject to pricing listed above. (330) 667-5585