Ag-Pro offers tillage equipment, tools, and services to meet any field condition. Take your field preparation to the next level with some of these ideas: 

  • Utilize satellite guidance to reduce overlap and save your time, fuel, and inputs. 
  • Map every pass including speed, conditions, and implement depth. 
  • Create and send tillage prescriptions for compatible equipment wirelessly or with a USB. 
  • Make adjustments to depth and down pressure on-the-go. 
  • Input soil maps and compare yields for all fields. 
  • View last year’s yield data and document every pass. 
  • Reduce downtime by 20% or more. 

Featured Solution: TruSet - Fully integrated TruSet™ Tillage technology helps you increase your productivity in short tillage windows by making on-the-go depth and down-pressure adjustments from the cab – in only six seconds.

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