Ag-Pro Careers: Student Technician Program

posted on Wednesday, December 20, 2023 in Ag-Pro Companies News

In a time influenced by rapidly advancing technology and evolving agricultural practices, Ag-Pro has remained at the forefront of innovation for John Deere equipment. As part of our commitment to excellence, Ag-Pro has implemented an exceptional program to not only attract top talent but also foster skills development and provide career opportunities. 

In this blog post, we'll explore Ag-Pro's Student Technician Programs and the invaluable contributions they make to the agricultural community.

Ag-Pro's Student Technician Program

Recognizing the importance of investing in the future of agriculture, Ag-Pro has developed comprehensive Student Technician Programs at Owens Community College in Toledo, Ohio, and South Georgia Technical College in Americus, Georgia. These initiatives allow students to gain practical, hands-on experience with John Deere equipment while pursuing their education, setting them on a path to success in the industry. Our student technicians are paid while completing their program and will receive up to $14,000 in tuition reimbursement.

Why should students be interested in Ag-Pro’s Student Technician Program?

1. Collaboration with Educational Institutions

Ag-Pro partners with Owens Community College and South Georgia Technical College to provide students with unique opportunities. By working closely with academic institutions, Ag-Pro designs tailored programs that complement students' coursework, combining theoretical knowledge with real-world application.

2. Comprehensive Training and Development

Ag-Pro's Student Technician Program offers students a chance to apply their academic knowledge in a professional setting. Under the guidance of seasoned technicians and industry experts, students gain practical experience in machinery maintenance, precision agriculture technologies, equipment diagnostics and other critical aspects of modern farming practices. This immersive training equips students with essential skills, making them competitive potential hires upon graduation.

3. Career Pathways and Advancement

Ag-Pro's Student Technician Program is designed to provide students with a clear career pathway. Through internships, co-op programs and apprenticeships, students gain a foothold in the agricultural industry. Ag-Pro actively encourages program participants to explore various career avenues within the organization, offering opportunities for growth and advancement.

Ag-Pro's Student Technician Program exemplifies our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a robust agricultural workforce. By tapping into the unique skills and experiences of military veterans, Ag-Pro ensures a smooth transition into new careers while leveraging participants’ leadership qualities. Similarly, the Student Technician Program empowers students with practical, hands-on training, setting them on a path towards success in the agricultural industry.

As Ag-Pro continues to innovate and shape the future of agriculture, our student programs serve as cornerstones, embodying our dedication to building a skilled and diverse workforce. Through these initiatives, Ag-Pro not only supports veterans and students but also contributes to the overall growth and advancement of the agricultural community. To request more information about careers and internships at Ag-Pro, click here.