John Deere S7 Combine Automation Field Day

Come see the model year 25 S7 800 in action with the new Ultimate Technology package. See how you can you can be 20% more productive with predictive ground speed, utilizing satellite imagery, forward facing cameras and additional sensing inputs on the machine. Additionally, see the differences of Harvest Settings Automation advances from the past Combine Advisor™ solution with automatically making adjustments during harvest of five internal combine settings (threshing clearance, rotor speed, fan speed, sieve clearance, and chaffer clearance). Lastly, experience how Autotrac turn automation makes a perfect, repeatable, and hands-free turn at the end of each pass. This event will kick off with a machine walk around followed by lunch and most importantly the chance at some seat time! The event will be held at 1782 SR-38 London, OH 43140.

Automation Field Day

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S7 Combine Automation Demo Event

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